Coming in December

I’ve not posted much in November due to three things.

The first two are directly linked. I have been working on my own original fiction & preparing for Thought Bubble. More on this during December!

I’ve had a few internet issues on WordPress – nothing to do with WordPress it is something to do with my IP, TalkTalk… It has happened before worse than this time. Not happy. They blame my PC but it ain’t… Anyway it has been almost impossible for 5 days to write anything on here… I do get some time at work sometimes but not this week.

So, hoping this works fine at home for December…

I have a couple of interviews in the works that I hope readers will find interesting.

I’ll be telling you more about my own original writing projects, slf publicity isn’t pretty…

Reviews of 2000AD weekly need to get drastically up to date.

Review of Thought Bubble from my experiences this year.

Review of a few items I picked up at Thought Bubble (I need to grab more next year)

Reviews of a number of comics that are sat in my Review pile…

Review of the Dr Who 50th Anniversary.

Review of Episode 3 of Daemonium (14th December  01:00 on You Tube, my review will be sometime between then & Sunday 15th)



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