Judge Dredd: Underbelly (spoiler light)

Dredd: Underbelly

Published by Rebellion

32 Page US Format
January 2014

Arthur Wyatt
Henry Flint
Chris Blythe
Ellie de Ville

This is the official sequel to the 2012 Dredd movie starring Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby. While there have been reprints of 2000AD material before this is the first time Rebellion have published a 32 page US Format comic for the North American market.

In the words of 2000AD PR, Michael Molcher:

“Brought to you by Seattle-based writer Arthur Wyatt and fan favourite artist Henry Flint, DREDD: Underbelly picks up a year after the movie with Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson investigating a gruesome mass grave – could this be linked to a new drug that has flooded into the blocks of Mega-City One after the fall of the Ma-Ma clan?

DREDD: Underbelly is out in January with an order cut-off date of 10th December 2013. It will also be available day-and-date digitally from the 2000 AD webshop, as well as on Kindle Fire, Nook, and the 2000 AD iPad app.”

Arthur Wyatt started out with my friends over on Futurequake before his break in 2000AD, Past Imperfect: “Cosmonaut X” Prog 1376 2004. Henry Flint started off with Deaths Head for Marvel UK in 1994 and is now probably best known for Dredd and Zombo.

This story is obviously set in the 2012 Dredd movie universe rather than the 2000AD or IDW version. The look of the strip matches this well; the uniform and the city look very similar. Anderson is very much Olivia Thirlby but the chin on Dredd is more traditional than Karl Urban’s.

The writing and the art is Dredd, regardless of what Universe he comes from. Switch the drawings for 2000AD style Dredd and the story would work just as well. The major difference here is the character of Anderson and her identification as a mutant.

2000AD tends not to flinch from violence in Dredd and of course the 2012 film went for realism. There is a leaper in this story. I must say it reminded me of a drugs bust my cousin was on, he is in the Met. Though in the case my cousin was on the woman didn’t leap, she was thrown. True crime is worse than the fictional variety.

An interesting experiment in format. I’d like to see a series exploring this version of Dredd.


2 comments on “Judge Dredd: Underbelly (spoiler light)

  1. Good blog which has left me wanting more. It’s a shame it’s not released in the UK before Christmas. It would have made the perfect present for myself.

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