Department of Monsterology issue 3 – PREVIEW (minor spoilers)

Department of Monsterology
Monsterology3 coverbMonsterology3 coverIssue 3 of 4

Published by Renegade Arts
In shops December 18th 2013

Writer: Gordon Rennie

Artist: PJ Holden

Colours: Steven Denton

Letters: Jim Campbell

Editor: Alexander Finbow

The creator owned title has had nine re-orders from Diamond for Issuje 1 which is great news. You can read my preview elsewhere on this blog. You can also read interviews with PJ Holden (artist) and Jim Campbel (letterer).

 Monsterology3 1We pick up the action with Team Challenger ‘Somewhere in the Pacific’.

We’ve come to know that Dunsany College’s Department of Cryptozoology, Mythological Studies, Parapsychology and Fortean Phenomena like to poke things…

Professor Harry Wilmington may have poked a little above his weight.


Meanwhile ‘Somewhere in Northern China Team Carnacki have come face to face with the body-swapping Jocasta Lamont from the Lamont Institute. Seemingly Jocasta and Doctor Jang Sonam have some history…

Dept3_SamwiTaisuAs in previous issues Samwi spends time in astral form. This time she finds a friend there.

Both teams were on the verge of action at the close of issue 2 and the action certainly piles on.

While the stories of both teams continues to pose questions back at the College Tynecastle is looking in to the whereabouts of Team Carter…

PJ Holden’s art is engaging and leads us through the story giving us connection to the characters. PJ’s storytelling is excellent. Steven Denton’s colours are both bold and subtle. The art works brilliantly.

Gordon Rennie has packed in the characters in this story. Both teams have a set of protagonists, another cast at the College, two sets of monsters and the Lamont Institute. Cast numbers can get unwieldy in double figures yet this isn’t too busy though and that takes quite some skill.

It may interest you to know that Jim Campbell dislikes sentence case fonts but Gordon Rennie got him to use one in this series, according to Mr Rennie it was because ‘The thought of his grumpy little goth face as he lettered 90-odd pages of it was too good a chance to miss out on.’ excellent fun!

The paper stock is very good and the fresh new paper smell is great – alright I’m looking at my issue two right now as my preview copy is a PDF. But you will find that this comic feels great in the hand. If you like digital versions you can get Issue 1 of this title HERE

A very enjoyable series and the fact that re-orders are going in for issue one makes me think interest is growing nicely. I ‘m hoping to see another outing of this title, I haven’t even seen Issue 4 yet. People are also already talking about a collected edition.


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