Six Gun Gorilla (part 6) – Si Spurrier & Jeff Stokely (spoiler light)

Six Gun Gorilla
A six issue series
Published by Boom!

Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Jeff Stokely
Letterer: Steve Wands

Six-Gun Gorilla Created by Creators Unknown
This version created by Simon Spurrier

He ain’t heavy; he’s his gorilla.

Blue 3452 and Six Gun Gorilla’s journey comes to an end. There are plenty of surprises, though very much hinted at in Issue 5. Indeed in the first issue there are hints to the secret of The Blister. Blue 3452 is after all a man; not a number.

I had a chat, individually, with Si Spurrier and Jeff Stokely at Thought Bubble in Leeds last month. They kindly signed a review booklet I had printed out; I was giving away copies for free to publicise this blog and some of the great comics I’ve reviewed.

Jeff Stokely’s storytelling really compliments the story perfectly. I hadn’t previously seen anything from Jeff so have nothing to gauge it on. Some of the panels really are brilliant, the splash on pages 5 & 6 for example. Some of the action is seen in comic on a TV show and most artists would alter the palette for these transitions, Jeff doesn’t do this noticably but it is still clear to the reader what is going on where.

The script is full of character, I mean that in many ways. Blue really develops marvelously over the series, he gets to know the Gorilla and understand what he represents. The story though also ties in with the original version of Six Gun Gorilla in a brilliant and touching way. The supporting cast are very interesting and have well rounded emotions that are well portrayed. Sue for example, Blue’s ex-wife, is taken an a very emotional journey.

Creators Unknown – I borrowed that dedication for the Reviews Booklet I was giving away at Thought Bubble. I commented to Si Spurrier how much the phrase had resounded with me. It is almost a battlecry. So many creators are unknown of so many things that have brought joy to people over the years. I know Si Spurrier’s work from 2000AD and when that comic started there were no credits to the creators. I often wondered who was drawing Dan Dare or who had written Flesh, but 2000AD didn’t tell me. That time is gone and when we read comics we know who has entertained us. Sadly not so with the original Six Gun Gorilla.

It is a charming story, comical at parts, with many layers of commentary on modern life. The subject matter is serious, there are repercussions for actions taken by those in Blue’s world. It isn’t a throw away story.

I owe thanks to Jess Nevins, an author from USA, through whom Si Spurrier learnt about Six Gun Gorilla. Jess Nevins has collected the original and presented it online free for all to enjoy; you can read the saga here.

Here’s to a sequel from Si and Jeff!


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