Exit Generation – issue 1 of 4 – spoiler light

Exit Generation – A Creator Owned Project

Writer: Sam Read
Artist: Caio Olivera
Cover Artist: Ramon Villalobos
Colours: Ruth Redmond
Letters: Colin Bell
Editor: Adam P Knave

Print available at OK Comics, Leeds and other retail outlets
Digital available from Read French Comics £1.00

I picked this up at OK Comics Christmas Event, Thursday 12th December – hence the Sam Read autograph on my copy on the right.

The story starts in 2025. Overcrowding of Earth has led to food and water shortages. These shortages led to civil disobedience. So an Exit strategy is hatched… 2035 the Exit Project is completed and 95% of the population leave, leaving 5% in a mess. I’ll gloss over that part as it is spoiler territory to say much.

Action picks up in 2055 with two men who were born just after the Exit, that’s the ‘Generation’ bit of the title. Jack, obsessed with the past through Action Films and Punk Rock. Mo, his more grounded foster-brother, sees the past as something to remember ‘lest we forget’ style.

Interesting first issue that has to set the scene as well as get to some action. Both aspects fulfilled in my opinion. The intro dealing with the Exit was  handled succinctly. The introduction to 2055 centres on Jack and Mo bringing the pacing into sharp focus. Then action starts…

The script is neat and engaging and the characters are introduced well and the issue ends on a note that makes me need to see issue 2.

The art utilises a nice variety of panel layouts to engage the eye. Plenty of space for the lettering which is great as some panels are rather wordy, while others are wordless and give the artist plenty of room to do the talking.

Very interesting start.


One comment on “Exit Generation – issue 1 of 4 – spoiler light

  1. […] that it was a “very interesting start” to the series.  You can read the full review HERE & find Steve over on Twitter […]

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