Death Sentence Issue 4

Death Sentence
A creator owned project

Published by Titan Comics

Writer: Montynero
Art: Mike Dowling
Letters: Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt

Cover: Montynero

This issue isn’t formally out till 4the January 2014 but due to the holidays it shipped early and I picked mine up today (31st December 2013 as of writing)! Ignore the numbering on the cover here… it IS number 4…

What a story…

Now I’m aware I’ve got this earlier than many readers so I’m going to have to be careful with Spoilers. If you haven’t read Issue 3 don’t read this as even without spoilers for this issue I can’t avoid spoiling Issue 3. To give a buffer so I don’t spoil anyone’s Issue 3 in error feast your eyes on Montynero’s pencils for this cover next to the finished article.


EPSON scanner image

Monty’s comments on these:

“I sketched this one out in pencil to establish the composition and the tones. I wanted to capture Verity’s mood and predicament at this point of the story. You can see from the pencils that I didn’t get the idea to put Verity and Weasel’s names on the amp stack until I was painting it. That’s the big point of this issue: Verity and Weasel get together and sparks fly. In a very unexpected way. I also moved the bottles and drinks around. Vodka is important.
When I painted it in Photoshop I did something a bit different. I actually used the pencil shading in the painting, rather than just painting over it with a similar colour and tone. So if you look closely at the cover art you can still see all the pencil marks in there. It looks slightly different, and perhaps a little more alive.”

Stop reading now if you haven’t read Issue 3!

So we left Issue 3 with a new King in the UK after Monty (the comic one not real one) assassinated the Royal Family on a whim. The Army were outside a knockin’ on Buckingham Palace’s gates.

Suffice to say… something hits the fan and it gets spread EVERYWHERE!

Meanwhile Weasel meets Verity and sparks fly! No, really, sparks are everywhere.

This story really treats the three protaganists as people. They are flawed, only Weasel was fully showing flaws before the effects of G+ really kicked in. Last issue we saw some of his more likable aspects. Monty seems to be heading in the other direction. Verity, well she is heading somewhere but at the moment we don’t know where.

The Governments of the world have reacted differently to G+ and no one realised quite what powers Monty had, what with him hypnotizing everyone in to thinking he is harmless…

The script is marvelously balanced for pace. I am aware some readers were a bit shocked with the killings in last issue. This script explores people, most have the potential to do bad things…

Mike’s art is brilliant as ever, excellent detail and excellent storytelling. Too good to single anything out, the whole issue is visually superb.

Two more issues, early issues are available as reprints due to demand.


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