Department of Monsterology issue 4 – PREVIEW (minor spoilers)

Department of Monsterology
DOM4aDOM4bIssue 4 of 4

Published by Renegade Arts In shops January 13th 2014

Writer: Gordon Rennie

Artist: PJ Holden

Colours: Steven Denton

Letters: Jim Campbell

Editor: Alexander Finbow

The final issue of this miniseries and though it is not yet known if there will be a collected edition it has been confirmed that there will be a second volume, again four issues. I’m not certain when, Alexander says ‘next year’ at the end of this issue but he wrote that editorial in November 2013, so I am assuming it will be later this year.

Gordon’s script certainly leaves us with unanswered questions. Questions are good.

We do see the conclusion of the current plot with Team Carnacki where Samwi was last seen being fooled by Taisui.

Jocasta’s interest in the girl is more than doubled this issue.

The rest of the team fight on to try to save Samwi, and to save themselves which. given the amount of Jiang Shi around them even their powers must surely fail at some point. Especially as Doctor Sonam is separated from Samwi by demons on ethereal plane.

Team Challenger’s mission at sea comes to a conclusion; Miss Hampton has seen a lot more than she probably expected to.

We learn a little more about what Team Challenger study and we get more questions about what they are actually looking for.

Back at Dunsay College we learn more about the missing Team Carter , we learn more about why Tynecastle has been snooping. We get left with questions…

Questions… Enemies with grudges…

A marvelously plotted story that packs so much in to the four episodes. As I said in my preview of Issue 3 the cast is huge for a mini-series. Gordon Rennie is a very accomplished writer and it shows with his neat handling of three plots with so many protagonists.

PJ Holden brings life to the action, even to the hordes of undead. He engages the eye and leads the reader through the story.

Stephen Denton’s colours are artful – I tried to track him down at Thought Bubble but failed miserably – and help us understand where action is taking place through good colour choices.

The lettering is up to the usual standards I expect from Jim Campbell. If you look around my blog his name comes up a lot in my reviews. you can also find an interview with Jim here.

A thoroughly enjoyable series. I do hope there is a collection at some point but at least I’ll get to read another 4 issues, great news that.


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