City of Dredd 3rd Edition 2014 by John Caliber and Ivan Noel

City of Dredd Third Edition 2014

By John Caliber and Ivan Noel

Available as e-book from Lulu
rom 13th January 2014.

This is an unofficial guide to Mega City One

Copyright of Judge Dredd, Mega City One and 2000AD belong to Rebellion.
Tharg is aware of this product.

I’ve had the pleasure of role-playing with John and Ivan in a Play by Forum Judge Dredd game for a while. I used the fore-runner to this book as a handy way of keeping things fresh and yet familiar.

This mighty tome details every street, every building mentioned in Judge Dredd stories. From Prog 2 of 2000AD up to Prog 2014, from the first issue of Judge Dredd Megazine up to issue 343 and MORE! For example the recent e-novella Judge Dredd: Year One – Cold Light of Day  by Michael Carroll is also included (I checked).

Each entry gives detail about the site as well as what stories are linked to it. Much of the Mega City jargon is also explained. The detail included is awe inspiring.

Also included is the Progology giving the titles of all stories by year. Another handy reference tool for anyone wanting to drop colour into a role-playing game or short story set in Mega City One.

City of Dredd deals only with sites within the bounds of Mega City One. Fear not faithful reader because if you want to know about the Cursed Earth, Mega City Two or outer space Worlds of Dredd 2nd Edition 2014 is due to be published in February.


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