Goblin Week – 19th to 25th January 2014

This is a fun idea started by Evan Dahm last year. I heard about it earlier this year via Thought Bubble’s Twitter feed. Basically the idea is to share pictures (and other things) regarding the ever popular under dwellers. You can find the event on tumblr, with more detail here and Twitter.

Goblins are all over the place. They originate from mythology, principally but not confined to European mythology. They are probably more commonly known now through the works of J.R.R Tolkein, Harry Potter or Dungeons & Dragons. There is of course the Spider-Man villain Green Goblin.

In mythology they were mostly malign spirits, sometimes merely mischievous but at times plainly evil. Though they are often compared to other mythological creatures such as Brownies, Leprechauns an d Knockers. Very many versions exist and some people use the term Goblin to cover a variety of mythological creatures.

In fiction the Goblin is very often used as a comedy stooge. I imagine we’ll see much of this in Goblin Week. Games Workshop have certainly used Goblins in this way over the years.

If you like or loathe Goblins you may well enjoy Goblin Week. Check it out and if you feel like taking part tag your work with #goblinweek

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