Who reads Judge-Tutor Semple Blog: Where and What?

I often wonder who you are, dear reader. I wonder what brought you here, whether you liked what you found and whether you will come back.

I see some details on my Stats. I can see how many visited the Blog from UK servers, or other countries. I can see how many unique readers there are each day, unless they use different IP addresses (I can’t see IP addresses) and I can see how many times each article was read.

I can see what sites people find me from – the top referring sites in 2013 were:

  1. forums.2000adonline.com (mostly from my Links placed there)
  2. facebook.com (multiple users sharing my Links)
  3. twitter.com (multiple users sharing my Links)
  4. 2000ad.wordpress.com (Cheers ECBT!)
  5. judgeminty.blogspot.co.uk (Cheers Steve!)

(thanks to anyone that shares my Links in any way, really appreciated)

The above are a few examples of what I can see.

Below is something I can’t see…

I can’t see what countries are reading what…

Sometimes I can work it out…. for example when I reviewed Daemonium my views from Argentina soared and as the film series is from Argentina that seems to match…

I see spikes each time the Polar Bear Lyra is on TV. I promise if I hear any updates on Lyra I’ll share that news as soon as I can write it up. So I see if Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc are seeing it – most recently The Netherlands.

But do my visitors from the Russian Federation come to read about Judge Dredd or Siberian Tigers?

Are readers in the Philippines here to check up on Jousting???

I have no idea if people visit once a day, once a month or once and never come back.

So if you feel like letting me know what you read – please feel free to hit the ‘Comment’ or tell me on Facebook or whatever means youy want. Private is fine, public is fine. But if I know more about what readers want to read here I might be able to deliver.


Thanks for reading some of the stuff I write!


4 comments on “Who reads Judge-Tutor Semple Blog: Where and What?

  1. sheridan says:

    I visit from London, UK, get emailed when you update and am in it for the 2000AD/JD stuff.

  2. Eightball says:

    I come from Scotland and I am mostly interested in the 2000AD and Judge Dredd bits. I also felt sorry for you when a somebody on the 2000AD board had a go at you for not contributing anything other than links to your site. I like your site so keep up the good work.

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