Curse 1 of 4 from Boom! Studios – spoiler light

Curse issue 1 (of 4)
Published by Boom! Studios
January 15th 2014

Michael Moreci
Tim Daniel
Riley Rossmo
Colin Lorimer
Jim Campbell

Well I find myself again reviewing something lettered by Jim Campbell. Coincidence? Well not so much. I bought this as I decided to jump on the next Issue 1 I saw from Michael Moreci and I came across Mr Moreci via Mr Campbell. I’ve previously reviewed some Hoax Hunters.

I did misread the market a little on this & failed to pre-order. I expected to stroll in to my lcs and pick it up; they sold out before my lunch time. They reacted well and had more copies in on the Friday.

Laney griffin, retired from Pro Football through injury. Widowed with a young son who is terminally ill. A sister-in-law meddling in his private life who happens to be the local Sheriff.

There is a killer out there in the snow, an unknown animal with a gait wider than a human’s. There is a bounty and Laney decides to try to bag the killer animal.

Obviously you can guess, it isn’t exactly an animal doing the killing. It isn’t exactly a man. Laney may not even be that much of a hero.

An intriguing start to the miniseries. Moreci shifts from ‘now’ to flashback. H?e gives us chracter conjecture as well as some close-up action.

The art is engaging with tonal shifts for each shift from narrative to recollection or conjecture. Varied panel numbers and shapes draw the eye through the page.

Jim’s lettering as unobtrusive as usual, his sound effects a little understated. Jim lets the art talk. Some panels are a little verbose but Jim deals well with these.

I’ve ordered the rest of the series to be set aside for me.


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