Night of The Living Deadpool – 1 of 4 – Spoiler light

Night of the Living Deadpool
Limited series in 4 parts
Published by Marvel January 15, 2014

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Ramon Rosanas
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino

Cover: Jay Shaw

Created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld

Firstly – Pencils, Ink and colours (mostly red) by one artist. This is part of why I bought this comic, that and the premise is fun.

I’m used to this idea due to being British. British comic artists always ink their own pencils and very often do their own colours. US comics not so much.

The premise? In the words of Marvel’s websight:

“Deadpool awakes from a food coma to find…THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE HAS OCCURRED! Can the Merc with the Mouth avoid becoming the Merc in their Mouths? Writer of the DEADPOOL KILLOGY Cullen Bunn brings us to one of Deadpool’s darkest tales ever…and not just because it’s in black & white (and red)!”

For those that don’t know him – Deadpool is a Marvel villain turned hero. He is used as a comedic character, obviously he is a hitman… He can’t die, blow him up & the bits will get back together.

So in a Zombie Apocalypse… Well I won’t give away too much. He eats a lot and sleeps soundly so he misses the Zombie Apocalypse taking over. Flashbacks show that he was oblivious to the warning signs in any case.

It certainly is interesting to consider how Deadpool’s powers over death will prepare him for this event. As often is the case with Marvel (and DC) this isn’t in standard continuity and it doesn’t seem to be in Marvel Zombies continuity either. I kind of hoped it was part of Marvel Zombies continuity.

The art is brilliant. Quite how Rosanos manages to make a masked man look puzzled is beyond me but he does. Interestingly the flashbacks are in colour while the main story is in black&white&red – the ‘now’ looks ace in these restricted colours (oh his speech bubbles are yellow & weapon sound effects red or orange. The storytelling is great and the pages keep the eye occupied.

Of course those sound effects… they may be the letterer’s. The lettering is unobtrusive, as it should be.

The plot is well paced and interesting. I can’t really sympathise with the protagonist but he isn’t really that kind of character. To feel really concerned about a character in this kind of Marvel story you need to read the Marvel Zombies: Halloween comic with Kitty Pryde and her son… I do need to know what happens next and hope to find out what happened to the rest of civilisation.

Only two weeks between issues so I don’t have long to wait for the next part – great news!


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