Pretty Deadly – issue 1 – Spoilers

Pretty Deadly issue 1
Published by Image
October 23rd 2013

Writer: Kelly Sue Deconnick
Art: Emma Rios
Colours: Jordie Bellaire
Letters: Clayton Cowles

Cover: Emma Rios

I came across Emma Rios in 2012 at Thought Bubble where she took part in a Charity Sketch Spotlight. It is a great chance to watch artists at work and it benefits charity. Anyway, Emma talked about this project and I decided to try it out.

I missed the start; only realised last week. So I picked this up on Wednesday Jan 22nd 2013.

What did I find? Well firstly I found out I would have liked this in October. As it has been out for 3 months I’m putting way more spoilers in this review than I usually do. If you don’t like spoilers go buy issue 1, if you are OK with spoilers read on.

Narration comes from a dead rabbit and a butterfly that I assume is also dead. This I found pretty novel and it set the tone well. In two pages we learn a little girl blew half the face off a fluffy white bunny. It gets stranger.

We meet a blind stranger accompanied by a girl dressed in a cloak made from vulture feathers. They have wandered in to town to make a few dollars with their entertainment. They tell the tale of a beautiful girl who was locked in a tower by her father to keep her from the eyes of men. So lonely in the tower she pleaded with Death to release her from her prison. Long story short Death fell in love with her…

The girl stole something from a stranger… An armed and dangerous woman is looking for whatever it was she stole.

A gripping start. Interesting characters with great dialogue. They all have clear distinctive voices and the children talk like children. Interesting dialogue isn’t always this well written. Our narrators… trustworthy or not? Really hard to say when it is a dead rabbit doing most of the narration.

The art is superb, full of character and very engaging. The tale the blind man, Foxy, and the vulture girl, Sissy, tell is illustrated by Foxy pointing at illustrations the townsfolk are looking at as well as spectral manifestations illustrating the you girls descriptive storytelling.

The colours used help add to the feel of being in a dusty Western town and out in the desert badlands. I’m not sure which State we are in or what year but its frontier and it feels rough.

Excellent start and I’ll be picking up issue 2 soon and try to catch up.


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