Chris Ryall and Sam Kieth collaborate on Mars Attacks: First Born – Coming May 2014

IDW Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief, Chris Ryall, has scripted this comic from a plot he co-wrote with Sam Kieth. They previously worked together on The Hollows (which I haven’t read). A four issue mini-series starting May 2014. Sam Kieth is on art duty and will be providing covers.

So far the only IDW Mars Attacks story I’ve read was the Mars Attacks Judge Dredd by Al Ewing and John McCrea. I thoroughly enjoyed that and am tempted to dip my toe in the Mars Attacks water again.

So it is with no former knowledge of these creators that I anticipate this series.


The story focuses on an area devastated by an invasion from Mars , after all it is Mars Attacks. The invaders have gone… but they left behind a baby Martian girl. Was she left by accident or some grand design? Its a tale of nature vs nurture…

Apparently it includes BIG BUGS but I haven’t seen photographic proof.

Artist Loston Wallace will also be providing covers. Both Kieth’s and Wallace’s covers pay homage to Wally Wood EC covers from Sci-Fi classics.

Chris Ryall says:

“Every page shows not only the love Sam and I have for Mars Attacks, but also wild science-fiction tales from the past, the sorts of things Wally Wood drew in the pages of Weird Science-Fantasy and other EC comics. Our adoration of Wally’s work is front and center in this series, but it’s also a great next move for Sam and I after the working relationship we developed on The Hollows. And it surely gives Mars Attacks fans something special, in addition to also giving them some of the wanton carnage and gallows humor they’ve come to expect.”

Adam Levine, Topps’ Head of Outbound Licensing says:

“Sam has been a friend to Topps for more than 20 years, and we’re happy to see him finally put his stamp on Mars Attacks. His wild style and one-of-a-kind sense of storytelling will no doubt bring a fresh take to our classic Martians.”


One comment on “Chris Ryall and Sam Kieth collaborate on Mars Attacks: First Born – Coming May 2014

  1. Bored says:

    Nice press release.

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