Is a Sequel to Dredd (2012) likely?

The fact that Karl Urban stated at Destination Frankfurt last weekend that “Conversations” were taking place between the Studio, Director & writer Alex Garland has got all around the internet in the last week I first read it on after hearing about it on the 2000AD forum.

Dredd fans around the world have been calling for a sequel to Dredd (2012) for quite a while. Some of us from seeing the film in the cinema. Others since they saw it on DVD, Blu-ray or TV. Continue reading


2000AD 37th Birthday – 4 Parties throughout the UK on one day – Saturday 29th March 2014

It isn’t 2000AD’s birthday ON 29th March. Cover date for the 1st Prog was 26th February 1977.

29th March is just an arbitrary day that was agreed by one section of the 2000AD Forum, the Southers. They otganised first and I think it was the Jock Contingent that followed. The Norts and the Welsh joined in.

We all went for the same date – it only makes sense.

The parties are a chance to get together socially for a bit of a natter. Meeting in public, mobbing comic shops, having a beer and a bite to eat with like-minded 2000AD fans. Or fellow Squaxx.

The chatter started on the 2000AD Forum but obviously not all 2000AD & Dredd fans in the UK are on there so it gets thrown out to the Facebook universe. You can get more detail on the events there, or their Facebook Event Pages. Continue reading

Rogue Trooper – IDW version out soon – IDW Reprints classic 2000AD stories in May

Rogue Trooper
Issue 1

Published by IDW

Brian Ruckley
Alberto Ponticelli

Rogue Trooper, GI. A Genetically engineered Infantryman fighting a future war. Originally created by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons for 2000AD. This version is a re-imagining for IDW by Brian Ruckley. Ruckley is a Scottish novelist and this is his first work in comics. There are three variant covers as you can see above including art from 2000AD alumni Glenn Fabry. Other covers are from Colin Wilson, who worked on the original series, and James Stokoe. Continue reading

Ashley Wood and T P Louise return to IDW & other News

The Beautiful War issue 1
T.P. Louise
Ashley Wood

Published by IDW
32-page $3.99 May 2014

Diamond Order Code MAR140346

Australian Comic Artist Ashley Wood returns to IDW along with T.P. Louise. Wood and Louise are a creative couple who have worked together on a number of projects such as World War Robot and Popbot as part of their 7174 Pty. Ltd line. Continue reading

Loki: Agent of Asgard – issue 1 – by Ewing, Garbett & Woodward

Loki: Agent of Asgard
Issue 1

Published by Marvel
5th February 2014

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Lee Garbett
Colours: Nolan Woodard
Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover: Jenny Frisson

If you’ve read much on this blog the name Al Ewing crops up a lot. That’s because he is a Writer for 2000AD and writes good stuff. I’ve reviewed several of his works. Lee Garbett has done a few things in 2000AD such as London’s Falling with Si Spurrier.

Loki should be a familiar character to most people, after all he was in two Thor films and an Avengers film. This of course is the comic version of the character but that amounts to more or less the same thing. In the film he was an Alien mistaken in the past for a God. In the comics they tend to stick with the ‘they were Gods’ bit without saying ‘they are Aliens’. Continue reading

Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd – Tickets available now

logoI have already written one article about the announcement of this event. You can expect I’ll likely mention it again… Given that this Blog is called JUDGE-Tutor Semple and all that…

I am happy to confirm that I will be attending and have been asked to be one of the Interviewers for the panels. Obviously I accepted. So if I haven’t met you already and you are there please say ‘Hi!’

Tickets are now on sale, a link is below, but to summarise:

General Admission £20.00 £1.85
Dealer Table £15.00 £1.55

Children under 16 FREE Continue reading

A Wild West Hero… Royal Armouries, Leeds – a Review informed by Alexa, aged 7

Royal Armouries is a museum I know well, I’ve visited many times and written about some of the things I’ve seen there. In the past I took my children, from time to time my youngest, now a grown man aged 20, goes with me and we are accompanied by his Fiancée, aged 18.

Today I took my 7 year old Granddaughter, Alexa, for the very first time. Not just my first time taking her but her first time visiting. She lives in Liverpool and weekend visits are usually pretty hectic seeing family and such. This weekend though we grabbed some Grandpa n Alexa time dumping everyone else for a few hours at a museum.

Seven years old and she loves Museums. In Liverpool she loves the Liverpool World Museum and has taken me there several times. We’ve had some fun times wandering around there. I also think it is pretty cool Alan Moore’s Grandchildren love it there too! Continue reading