Judge Dredd: Underbelly – Film Sequel Comic SOLD OUT & reprint announced!

Back in December I Previewed Underbelly, accidentally marked that article as a Review. Remarked it now so you can read the PREVIEW if you didn’t manage to pick it up now the book is out.

This is a sequel to the 2012 Dredd movie starring Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby. Scripted by Arthur Wyatt and illustrated by Henry Flint (Pencil & Inks) and Chris Blythe (Colours).

First serialised in Judge Dredd Megazine the story is collected in US Format and was released on 29th January in UK and North America, also released Worldwide day-and-date electronically via the 2000AD Webshop, Kindle, Nook and the 2000AD iPad Ap.

The paper quality is superb both the cover and the inside. I’m amazed that I have heard complaints that there is an advert among the story pages. One advert in the story pages, not four, just one; a trifling gripe indeed. (edit – two adverts… I actually didn’t notice one…)

The sales have been amazing and Underbelly technically Sold Out on day of release. It is possible one or two copies are still in shops but none are at the Distributor. None.

Yesterday 2000AD PR, Michael Molcher, announced that a Reprint is on the way. The cover will not be the one above, instead art will be from Jock. Jock was concept artist on the film, as well as being a longtime Dredd artist of course. The cover is expected to be previewed on 11th February, if I get it earlier without Embargo I’ll let you see it soon as possible.

The reprint is pretty likely to sell fast, I am personally aware of a few people who already have the current version who will be getting the Jock cover too. Orders need to be with Diamond by Tuesday Feb 18th/ So get your pre-order in now if you want it. I’m not sure if there will be pre-order on the 2000AD Webshop.


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