Gateway issue 1 – Spoilers

Gateway Issue 1
Published by IDW

Joe Halpin Snr
Juanfrancisco Moyano
Jow Halpin Jnr
Tom B Long

Created by Joe Halpin Snr & Joe Halpin Jnr

Jake Ryan is a cop, we don’t really know much more as we are introduced to him. He has a private loss it seems and perhaps a crisis of faith due to this. He is on a drugs case, making an undercover deal, and things go wrong.

His suspect is shot by the dealers who are planning on keeping the drugs and the money. Jake shoots the two Russian gangsters but is hit himself.

He wakes in an alley, the drug dealer’s dog is nearby. But Jake doesn’t recognise the alley or the street he emerges in to. Police arrive and shoot one of the Russians. Then take Jake to the local Town Hall.

Jake learns he is dead… He is in Hopetown, Purgatory.

In fact he is now at an Induction for the recently passed over.

That is a general synopsis of the story in issue 1, I’ve been as brief as I can with some details as I don’t like giving too many spoilers. I hadn’t heard about this book before so I didn’t really know what to expect. It is a slow introduction to the main character, we don’t really know much about him yet and I find that interesting. I want to know more about him.

Purgatory certainly looks like part of USA and that itself is questioned in the story. Jake and some of the other new arrivals are a little disorientated.

The pacing was good, the transition from Jake’s life to his after-life was interesting. I certainly want to know more.

The art is consistent and there are some nice angle changes to keep the eye busy. The storytelling really gets going during the confused period when Jake first wakes up in Purgatory.

A very enjoyable and interesting start.

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