Pretty Deadly 2 to 4

Pretty Deadly issue 2 -4
Published by Image
Nov 13, Dec 13 & Jan 14 

Writer: Kelly Sue Deconnick
Art: Emma Rios
Colours: Jordie Bellaire
Letters: Clayton Cowles

Cover: Emma Rios

This is a catch up article as I tracked down these issues after reviewing Issue 1 earlier.

I will give a synopsis of the story so far and a few comments on the issues. There are spoilers below but I will keep them as light as possible.

So here goes.

Bones Bunny continues narrating the story for Butterfly, Our insect friend sure is friendly, he wants a coyote to play in issue 2, an Armadillo in issue 3 and worries about a Hummingbird caught out in the rain in issue 4. Not sure why I think the Butterfly is a guy, the gentle wings and caring attitude should stereotype it as female… Maybe I am wrong and it is a female but I am sticking with ‘he’.

A dead rabbit telling the story really is a nice touch. Bunny doesn’t blame Ginny for shooting him, it wasn’t from Malice. She didn’t know what would happen.

That’s a bit like this story. We learn much more about Ginny and Foxy and Sissy. Johnny we learn more about too. They are all tied together and Death wants them dealt with, well maybe he’d ignore Johnny if he keeps out of the way.

Alice returns to Death to report what is happening in the world of the living. We see Ginny’s mother and we learn pretty much what Death is up to.

Foxy is separated from Sissy. Sissy is rescued by Johnny and realises her place in the story. Ginny tries to take revenge on Foxy… well his part in the story was, to me, the only predictable part.  The living though end up together and heading towards the fight instead of away.

That’s the best I can do with the plot without giving huge spoilers.

The dialogue is excellent and the plot grows rather than twists. I must say I’m not really sure what part Johnny is playing in this. But questions are good. Next issue is the end of the introductory story arc.

The art and lettering really sets the plot on fire. Amazing story telling from Emma Rios and masterful caption and balloon placing works with the art to draw the eye through the story. This really is a well put together comic that reads like a film. Actually no, it reads like a dream.

Really fine run so far and I’m glad I got caught up.


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