Dredd: Underbelly 2nd Print Cover – and some other ‘news’

The Jock cover for the 2nd run of Underbelly has been revealed to a clamour of excitement. The 1st run with a cover by Henry Flint sold out worldwide.

Sadly though most fans are really happy to see this success in the plans of Rebellion it seems others are complaining. Despite the advance warning and the obvious fact that this title would be popular many people are complaining they didn’t get a copy.

I pre-ordered mine. I had already read it in Judge Dredd Megazine issues 340–342. However I wanted a copy of the story in one volume. So, given the popularity of the film I pre-ordered it. I also wrote a Preview on this blog.

One of my work colleagues failed to pre-order and failed to get a copy. He has listened to me this time.

The thing is I think Rebellion had a really great idea with this comic. Making it US format makes people think more of the film than of 2000AD. The comic looks great, the paper stock is very high quality. The colours are marvelous. This appeals to Dredd fans either from 2000AD or just the film.

Even the creative team is interesting… Arthur Wyatt lives in Seattle. A US based writer does a sequel to the Dredd 2012 film. Not John Wagner, creator of Dredd, not one of the more regular Dredd writers, such as Al Ewing or Michael Carroll. Of course Arthur Wyatt is well known to 2000AD fans but his name isn’t an instant link to Dredd for those on the outside of 2000AD. Henry Flint is a regular 2000AD artist and has done several great Dredd so it is a familiar and reassuring name to fans – but it isn’t Carlos Ezquerra or one of the other ‘classic’ artists.

Plus of course it is a good story. Another drug is filling the vacuum left by the removal of Slo-mo. Someone is filling the gap left by Ma-Ma. Dredd is the film version, obviously given it is a sequel to the film.

Back to those complaining fans who thought speculators had snapped up all the first print run. There aren’t many on Ebay, only 8 or 9 of them. So that theory is nonsense. It is simple fact it seems that the comic was popular – imagine that given the huge DVD & Blu-ray sales.

I’m not surfing Ebay to try to buy either. They are there, both versions. Even though the Jock version isn’t even out yet someone is selling it at over £9.00. Why? You can pre-order it at a fraction of that cost from your local comic store! Don’t fall for it.

I’m pre-ordering the Jock cover version to ensure I get a copy. I suggest you all pre-order the Jock version and save money.


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