Hunter by Michael Carroll – a new Quantum Prophecy novel coming soon (jump on point)

Coming in May published in USA by Philomel, part of the Penguin group 1st May 2014. The cover is by Shawn Martinbrough. you can see more of his work on his website.

I’m very familiar with Michael Carroll’s writing. He is one of the current writers on Judge Dredd for 2000AD and has turned in some brilliant stories. Michael not only frequently writes stories featuring Dredd’s clone Dolman but also re-introduced Mega-City Two to Dredd continuity in 2000AD (not to be confused with the current Mega-City Two miniseries from IDW).

You can read a review of one of those story arcs Judge Dredd: Wolves elsewhere on my blog for example. He also has written a Judge Dredd Novella Cold Light of Day.

Hunter is Book 7 in Michael’s YA fiction series Quantum Prophecy. This story is more or less free-standing from what I understand so is a great Jump On point to get in to the series. If you want to worry about continuity the first three books were set in the present and Hunter is the fourth book in a prequel run. The series was first called The New Heroes in UK & Ireland but became Quantum Prophecy when publication started in USA.

Michael has put out a video trailer:

And in Michael’s words:

slaughterpic4“The defeat of the near-invincible villain Krodin has left a void in the superhuman hierarchy, a void that two opposing factions are trying to fill. The powerful telepath Max Dalton believes that the human race must be controlled and shepherded to a safe future, while his rival Casey Duval believes that strength can only be achieved through conflict.

Caught in the middle is Lance McKendrick, a teenager with no special powers, only his wits and the tricks of a con artist. But Lance has a mission of his own: Krodin’s ally, the violent and unpredictable supervillain Slaughter, murdered Lance’s family, and he intends to make her pay.”

Among his other work Michael Carroll has done quite a few 3d models. If you look at the top of this blog you’ll see a Judge Badge he kindly made for me. You can make similar badges (not rendered quite so fully) using his Badger! program, also reviewed on this blog. He also created a 3d model of the famous Land Raider vehicle from Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth – this model was used in the fan film Judge Minty that Michael also helped plot.

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