The First Musketeer – an original Web-series coming soon (March?)

Very topical with a Musketeers TV series on BBC1 on Sundays. This project however has been in the works for at least two years.

This is a prequel story filmed on location in France telling the untold origin of the world famous characters created by Alexandre Dumas, originally serialised from March to July 1844. There have been many Film, TV & Cartoon adaptations.

I spotted details on Facebook and was instantly intrigued. The main draw for me is that I’ve previously met one of the stars. Charles Barrett is a member of Atkinson Action Horses and I have seen them a number of times in horse shows from Jousting to Halloween. Charles will portray Porthos and he tells me we don’t meet him till Episode 2. You might have already seen Charles too – he was a stunt rider in the BBC series Merlin.

The story follows Athos arriving in Paris, not yet a Musketeer and not yet friends with Aramis and Porthos. One assumes we will see Athos either in or develop a relationship with Milady DeWinter and it will be interesting to see how that part is handled.

What I’ve seen so far looks rather lavish.

The main cast:

Athos is portrayed by Edward Mitchell

Porthos portrayed by Charles Barrett

Aramis played by Ryan Spong

Milady de Winter portrayed by Jessica Preddy

Marion de Lorme  Nicole O’Neil


Château de Bonaguil

1st Mus Chateau

Chenies Manor House

1st Mus Mansion

Paris streets

1st Mus 74575_300693306717354_397215614_n 1st mus street-1

It is an ambitious project, the characters are all fairly well known even with a lavish production on BBC. You can read more on their Facebook page and their Blog on WordPress.

I’ve borrowed the images above from the WordPress & Facebook page.


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