Mars Attacks Judge Dredd – Collected Edition out 12th February 2014 (some spoilers)

Mars Attacks Judge Dredd
Collected Edition

Published by IDW
12th February 2014

Writer: Al Ewing
Art: John McCrea
Colours: Jay Fotos
Letters: Tom B Long

Collecrtion Cover: Greg Staples

A marvelous collection of the brilliant miniseries.

The general premise is obvious, the big-brained aliens from Mars Attacks, or Martians if you will, invade Judge Dredd’s home-world, or Earth. Hilarity ensues. If you’ve seen the movie or read any other of the IDW Mars Attacks comics you know what sort of caper is in store.I have said it before but it bears saying again, this title was in safe hands with Al Ewing holding the Writers pen and Jogn McCrea doing the art work. Both know Judge Dredd well. Al Ewing has written some of the best modern Dredd tales for 2000AD, take his part in Judge Dredd: Trifecta for example. John McCrea has drawn Dredd world stories such as Chopper: Earth, Wind and Fire.

Al delves in to Dredd continuity and brings us an IDW version of classic character Don Uggie Apelino, a genetically enhanced Chimpanzee crime boss. Don Uggie gets quite a supporting role in the story.

The Martians take back seat for much of the start of the story but don’t be put off we see plenty of action from them. Including some hilarious Brain on Brain action in the latter stages.

Judge Anderson appears to help Dredd along the way. We also see the classic setting of Sector House 301, aka The Pit. As well as seeing Judges from around the world to see how they deal with the Martian menace.

The story is well paced and very funny. The art that accompanies it is excellent and only gets better as the story unfolds.

I’ve compared John McCrea’s art in this comic to that of McMahon, there are touches of Ian Gibson too in a robot songstress in the early part of the story. Quite a delightful book to read with the well judged page layouts and some amazing panels.

If you didn’t read the monthly issues, or even if you did, you can’t go wrong with this if you like your Dredd with a few laughs.

MA JD 01 MA JD 5 MA JD 6 MA JD 7 MA JD 8 MA JD 9 MA JD 10 MA JD 11


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