Sweet 2000AD Cover by Alex Ronald

Prog 1869, subscription copy out today, general release Wednesday 19th February 2014, has a really excellent cover by Alex Ronald. The character is Ulysses Sweet and this issue has the final installment of the current run.

Alex has previously been published in 2000AD, probably most notably in parts of Judge Dredd: the Pit – True Grot Progs 984–986 & Bongo War Progs 993–995 all in 1996. His latest work inside either 2000AD or Judge Dredd Megazine was in the year 2000, Missionary Man: The Promised Land Progs 1174-1176, 1181-1182.

I understand Alex left comics in 2000 and became a graphic artist. Thankfully he returned in 2011 with Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht, co-created with the elusive Emperor (no one knows his real name, he is kind of the Comic Writer version of Banksy).

Now I could talk about why I like this cover but I know someone who can tell you much more. Head over to 2000AD Covers Uncovered run by Pete Wells where you can get a breakdown of how Alex went about making the cover. You may have noticed I said above that his last work “inside either 2000AD or Judge Dredd Megazine was in the year 2000” in Pete’s article you will see he recently also did a cover for Judge Dredd Megazine.

Pete’s blog is brilliant, you can see a lot of art broken down into stages with commentary from the artist and asides from Pete. Please do go look around over there. You will find the article about the cover above HERE.

You can read more about Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht right here on my blog in the review I did last year. A sequel is in the works.

Hopefully we’ll see more of Mr Ronald’s magnificent work in 2000AD, IN the Prog…


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