Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd – Tickets available now

logoI have already written one article about the announcement of this event. You can expect I’ll likely mention it again… Given that this Blog is called JUDGE-Tutor Semple and all that…

I am happy to confirm that I will be attending and have been asked to be one of the Interviewers for the panels. Obviously I accepted. So if I haven’t met you already and you are there please say ‘Hi!’

Tickets are now on sale, a link is below, but to summarise:

General Admission £20.00 £1.85
Dealer Table £15.00 £1.55

Children under 16 FREE


To order tickets visit the page set up on EVENTBRITE

There is a brilliant guest list including John Wagner, creator of Dredd. and Alan Grant, who co-wrote many of the early fan-favourites.

Michael Carroll is one of the current stable of writers who has written some very popular Judge Dredd stories in 2000AD and DeMarco in Judge Dredd Megazine.

Pete Doherty is a well respected artist – and a fellow Yorkshireman! Steve Sterlacchini is from Leeds, my home town, and is the man behind the popular Judge Minty fan film.

Nick Percival is now confirmed as a guest, Nick has done a number of Jdge Dredd stories in 2000Ad & Judge Dredd Megazine.

Hopefully there will be yet more guests confirmed as the date draws closer.

There will be at least three Judges present in Planet Replicas Judge Dredd uniforms. Hopefully there will be a few more cosplayers, possibly some Dredd (2012) Judges.

I’ll bring news when I have news.


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