Ashley Wood and T P Louise return to IDW & other News

The Beautiful War issue 1
T.P. Louise
Ashley Wood

Published by IDW
32-page $3.99 May 2014

Diamond Order Code MAR140346

Australian Comic Artist Ashley Wood returns to IDW along with T.P. Louise. Wood and Louise are a creative couple who have worked together on a number of projects such as World War Robot and Popbot as part of their 7174 Pty. Ltd line.

Ashley Wood co-created Zombies vs Robots   with Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief. This is currently in pre-production with Sony Pictures.

Details are scant at the moment but the story follows industrialist, Audel Howard who frees a green fairy from bottle and is granted a wish. Sounds like he is planning a very good time… if you get my drift.

In the words of Chris Ryall:

“Any Ashley Wood book is an event that excites all of us at IDW, And T.P. Louise, who crafted such an epic tale in Lore, is back to do the same thing here.”

Ashley Wood says:

“T.P. and I are happy to be back making comics at IDW!” says Wood.


In other news confirmation is awaited regarding Ashley wood’s AAA Toy Company’s license to produce high-end 2000AD Action Figures.

In January AAA announced a 6″ line but it seems the license has currently expired. Rebellion, owners of 2000AD are on good terms with Ashley and hope to get the paper work all sorted. They are waiting for AAA currently.

Hopefully this will all get straightened out as I know the figures are popular with collectors. I’m not a collector myself but I’ll bring news if and when I hear some

Edit 21st February – heard news today that license issues are all sorted! Mostly due to a 2000AD fan helping communication run smoothly. Go Ming!


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