Rogue Trooper – IDW version out soon – IDW Reprints classic 2000AD stories in May

Rogue Trooper
Issue 1

Published by IDW

Brian Ruckley
Alberto Ponticelli

Rogue Trooper, GI. A Genetically engineered Infantryman fighting a future war. Originally created by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons for 2000AD. This version is a re-imagining for IDW by Brian Ruckley. Ruckley is a Scottish novelist and this is his first work in comics. There are three variant covers as you can see above including art from 2000AD alumni Glenn Fabry. Other covers are from Colin Wilson, who worked on the original series, and James Stokoe.

Rogue was the sole survivor of the Quartz Zone Massacre on Nu-Earth. Fighting for the Southers against the Norts Rogue was seeking revenge on the Traitor General who had betrayed his Regiment to the Norts. His helmet, gun and backpack held the stored memories and personalities of his clone-brothers Helm, Gunnar and Bagman. If he could get them back to Souther HQ his buddies could be re-gened with new clone bodies.

Quite what IDW will make of Rogue Trooper I am not sure. 2000AD themselves took the rare step of rebooting the character as Friday, with a different set of dead friends. You can read my review of part of that version, War MachineReboots in 2000AD are very rare, Rob0-Hunter was rebooted as a sequel with Sam Slade’s granddaughter Samantha Slade taking over the family business. Harlem Heroes had a full reboot with a completely unrelated plot.

I’m not a huge fan of the ongoing IDW version of Judge Dredd but their mini series judge Dredd: Year One and Mars Attacks Judge Dredd were outstanding – both are reviewed elsewhere on this blog. I have less worries about this title and imagine it is likely a decent new version can easily be created.

I hope to bring a preview of Issue one next Tuesday.


In other news the IDW Reprint of 2000AD classic stories of Rogue Trooper starts in May.

This will feature reprints of the main run of the original Rogue Trooper in a 12 issue series. Each issue is 32 pages with a US price of $3.99 The series was mostly black and white and will be in full colour for the first time.

The cover to the left is obviously a reprint of an original 2000AD cover. New covers will be provided by John McCrea, the artist on Mars Attacks Judge Dredd and a 2000AD veteran.

I really enjoyed the originals, though granted the hunt for the Traitor General did go on a little long. There are some really great stories heading IDW readers’ way.

I don’t know if they intend to reprint the Friday version of this character – time will tell.


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