2000AD 37th Birthday – 4 Parties throughout the UK on one day – Saturday 29th March 2014

It isn’t 2000AD’s birthday ON 29th March. Cover date for the 1st Prog was 26th February 1977.

29th March is just an arbitrary day that was agreed by one section of the 2000AD Forum, the Southers. They otganised first and I think it was the Jock Contingent that followed. The Norts and the Welsh joined in.

We all went for the same date – it only makes sense.

The parties are a chance to get together socially for a bit of a natter. Meeting in public, mobbing comic shops, having a beer and a bite to eat with like-minded 2000AD fans. Or fellow Squaxx.

The chatter started on the 2000AD Forum but obviously not all 2000AD & Dredd fans in the UK are on there so it gets thrown out to the Facebook universe. You can get more detail on the events there, or their Facebook Event Pages.

 Southern Contingent Gathering!
Hosted by John Burdis

John is also known as Senior Street Judge Burdis, appearing in Judge uniform up and down the country at conventions and special events. He also runs the popular blog – The Cellar of Dredd. He was stunt double for Edmund Dehn in the popular fan film Judge Minty. He loves talking about his exploits…

The Southers are meeting at Forbidden Planet in London. You can join them on their Facebook Event Page

Welsh Contingent Gathering!
Hosted by Scowlin Monkeh

2000AD 37th Wales

Scowlin Monkeh is also known as Judge Pal, he’ll be at Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd in Birmingham on May Day Bankholiday Monday.

The Welsh Contingent are meeting in Cardiff at The Gate Keeper. You can join them on their Facebook Event Page.

Nordland Contingent Gathering
Hosted by Barry Renshaw

2000AD 37th Nort

Barry Renshaw doesn’t dress up as a Judge… not to my knowledge. He did the storyboards for Judge Minty though. He is currently involved in SECTORHOUSE 113, a fan made Judge Dredd Cartoon.

The Norts are meeting in Leeds but venues are not set as yet – join US (cos I’m part of that one) on our Facebook Event Page

Jock Contingent Gathering
Hosted by Tiplodocus

Sorry no image for this one… Not seen a FB Event from them either yet. They are meeting at Auctioneers in Glasgow I believe… I’ll update this article when I learn more… leave me a comment if you want more details and I’ll hassle them for you.


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