Is a Sequel to Dredd (2012) likely?

The fact that Karl Urban stated at Destination Frankfurt last weekend that “Conversations” were taking place between the Studio, Director & writer Alex Garland has got all around the internet in the last week I first read it on after hearing about it on the 2000AD forum.

Dredd fans around the world have been calling for a sequel to Dredd (2012) for quite a while. Some of us from seeing the film in the cinema. Others since they saw it on DVD, Blu-ray or TV.

I first saw Dredd (2012) at the Fan Pre-release screening that was arranged in London. I won my ticket via 2000AD’s Twitter account. Others won tickets on there, on 2000AD Facebook Page, John Wagner’s Facebook Page – others were invited. Most of us were die-hard fans and have read 2000AD from Prog 1 (the first issue), Dredd premiered in Prog 2. You can read about that experience here.

I saw the film several times in the cinema, with different sets of friends and alone. I didn’t like the Stallone version, where the character was changed too much. Yet in this version, where the city was altered, the character was right. I won’t discuss that in detail, you can read why I think it was a great adaptation here.

The campaign for a sequel really got going when 2000AD backed the ‘Make Dredd a Sequel’ campaign. You can still follow their Twitter account, like the Facebook page and sign the petition.

Karl Urban has talked about this a few times, saying he’d love to reprise the role if asked. Karl is a fan of the source material. Alex Garland has great vision for where he wants to take the movies. These are hands I trust.

2000AD have already made a comic sequel – Dredd: Underbelly. This was printed first in Judge Dredd Megazine then printed in US Format and sold out World Wide at Distributer level in two days. A Reprint is already in the works and due to be released in March.

Then a member of the 2000AD forum asked Karl to read the opening of America – one of the most popular stories set in Dredd’s world. That went viral with a few versions uploaded online. Thanks for that mimikeke! Now mimikeke  isn’t a life-long fan like me, she became a Dredd fan through the film. Her poster that Karl signed ‘Damn it…. I’m a Doctor not a Judge!’ Top man.

So Dredd is still talked about, still in the public eye. Not just with those like me but also around the world, fans such as mimikeke. It seems that following the sales of all those DVDs and Blu-Rays there is still a market for new Dredd

Nothing is guaranteed but lets hope we get to see more from Alex Garland’s vision for Dredd.

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