Devlin Waugh: Swimming in Blood – John Smith & Sean Phillips (spoiler light)


Devlin Waugh: Swimming in Blood

Published by 2000AD
10th April 2014

288 Pages £19.99

Script: John Smith
Art: Sean Phillips
Letters: Steve Potter

Cover: Sean Phillips

A selection of stories starring the debonair Englishman, Devlin Waugh

Devlin Waugh is an agent of the Vatican and as such has Diplomatic jurisdiction throughout the Mega Cities. His stories take place around the world and give us glimpses of many places from an angle a Dredd story wouldn’t use.

Premiering in Judge Dredd Megazine in 1992 Devlin Waugh crossed over to 2000AD for a run of almost galf a year in three linked stories, all reproduced in this collection.

This is a good collection of stories. (Edit 12th May 2015 – not to be confused with issue 9 of Judge Dredd Mega Collection by the same name –

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Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd – new video, more sound clips.

Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd
a Judge Dredd themed Convention

Bank Holiday Monday 5th May 2014

Eddies Rock Club,
Gough Street,
B1 1HN

More information regarding the convention in the form of a video that runs for just over a minute.

The voice over (VO) was recorded for us by Jared Butler who provided the voice of Dredd in Judge Minty and a whole slew of additional voices by himself and a team of others he put together. I asked Jared if he could do a few tracks for Lawgiver and he readily agreed.

When he gave me the first batch of recordings he offered to do extra work on them and to get a female friend to do some lines for us. I used some of Jared’s originals in the first video and some of the improved versions in this video. Continue reading

The Royals: Masters of War by Rob Williams – issue 2 (spoilers)

The Royals: Masters of War
a six issue mini-series

Published by Vertigo March 2014

Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: Simon Coleby
Colorist: JD Mettler
Letters: Wes Abbott

Cover: Coleby & Mettler

This story is set in an alternate history where the Royal families of the world rose to power due to possessing superpowers. Set in World War II; we follow an alternative House of Windsor. King Albert was born without superpowers but his children, Princes Arthur and Henry and Princess Rose have hidden their powers until now.

An international agreement for super-powered Royals to stay out of wars has been broken, by Prince Henry. Now it is only a matter of time before the other Royals around the world decide to become involved. Most feared is the most powerful Royal lineage of all.

There are spoilers in the main article, spoiling the plot but not the action. I dislike spoilers myself but as this is an alternate timeline I feel it important to mention how the timelines differ as Rob Williams is doing a great job of making it all make sense. Continue reading

Qahera – by Deena Mohamed (spoiler light)





an online comic
Facebook Page

Written & Illustrated by Deena Mohamed.

I became aware of this webcomic only today on Facebook courtesy of a friend posting a link. The link above will take you to the main site, you can locate the comics easily from there.

Qahera is a feminised form of the word qaher which means “vanquisher” or “conqueror” or “triumphant”. Al Qahera is the Arabic form of the city Cairo. Deena Mohamed is an Egyptian woman, who aged 19 launched her webcomic in June 2013. The latest update is January 2014. Deena is a Graphic Design student.

Qahera is a female superhero who wears a hegab (hijab in more Western spelling) and the comic’s themes are mostly about women’s rights. I understand that to a degree these stories are based on life experience. Continue reading

2000AD Prog 1874 – Jump on point – Preview pages (medium spoilers)

2000 AD Prog 1874
Published by Rebellion
26th March 2014
32 pages

Available in print from your Local Comic Store:

Also available day-and-date digital version
Through the 2000AD Webshop or
Via the 2000AD iPad App

Cover by Edmund Bagwell

A Jump On Point!

From time to time 2000AD start with a full set of new stories. This is one of those times. Five first parts start in this issue, including two brand new series. Continue reading

Teaser trailer for Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd

Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd
a Judge Dredd themed Convention

Bank Holiday Monday 5th May 2014

Eddies Rock Club,
Gough Street,
B1 1HN

Voice-over by Jared Butler, the voice of Dredd in Judge Minty. Many thanks to Jared for doing these for us.

This is what it says it is… a teaser trailer to show you what to expect at Lawgiver

I’m running a panel at Lawgiver so hope to meet a few of you there.

More details on the website

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Judge Dredd Treasury Edition from IDW – Spoiler Light

Judge Dredd Treasury Edition
Published by IDW
19th March 2014

72 Pages
Comic Bound

Cover Art: Cliff Robinson
Cover Color: Chris Blythe
Back Cover Art: Nelson Daniel

This volume collects some rather good classics from the 70s and 80s.

There isn’t anything from Ezquerra but other classic Dredd artists are on show, Gibson, McMahon, Robinson and Smith. As well as the unique style of O’Neill.

The scripts all come from John Wagner, with or without Alan Grant, mostly under pseudonyms. T.B. Grover was usually used when the scriptwriters worked the plot together but John Wagner typed it up. Though the rules on which pseudonym was used weren’t always adhered to.

Interestingly instead of colourising the original black and white pages the colour has been removed from the centre-spreads. Some readers might forget that there were colour pages in some of these stories.

This comic is in UK format, so the stories haven’t been re-sized. No lettering has been moved, sometimes when re-sizing that does happen. So in this we see the brilliant skills of Tom Frame who lettered each story. Granted the artists left him room most of the time but budding Letterers ought to look at how Tom Frame did it.

I’ve reviewed this from a digital advance copy so the print version may be different. In this version a few pages are slightly deformed at the top or bottom left corner. It doesn’t detract from the enjoyment but I noticed it. That is however my only negative comment on this edition. (Edit 19th March ’14 – bought this today everything looks really great it is huge due to old 2000AD format being so wide)

A brief discussion of the stories follows, spoilers are light.

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Zarjaz 20 – spoiler light (preview pages)

Zarjaz 20

Published by Futurequake Press
1st March 2014

Edited by Richmond Clements & Dave Evans

Cover by Mick Cassidy

Characters in this issue have various creators and, along with 2000AD, are copyright of Rebellion Publishing.

Zarjaz is a fanzine dedicated to 2000AD and has featured many of the characters over the years. For the first time MACH1 has come to Zarjaz.

A word about the cover, I don’t know what went wrong with the plans but I am aware that this cover was produced a short notice by Mick Cassidy to plug the gap. It really doesn’t look that way, a brilliant cover but Mick is pretty talented.

A few preview pages are at the foot of this review. Continue reading

Dogbreath 28 – spoiler light (preview pages)

DB28Dogbreath 28

Published by Futurequake Press
1st March 2014

Edited by Richmond Clements & Dave Evans

Cover by Kev Level

Dogbreath was founded by Amanda Kear

Strontium Dog created by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra

Dogbreath is the longest running 2000AD Fanzine and is dedicated to Strontium Dog, Johnny Alpha, and his world. I think it very well may be the longest running Fanzine for any comic in the UK. Interested to know if I’m wrong.

I have two articles in this issue and it is often considered bad form to review a magazine one is published in. However most creators self publicise so I’ll ignore the convention, after all I am only an interviewer in this issue. My posts on here used to show under the name ‘Chiropterarex’ but as you can see my real name is on the byline and has been for several months now.

A few preview pages are at the foot of this review. Continue reading

The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel 2014 – an anthology Edited by Owen Watts – spoiler free

Edited by Owen Watts
Assistant Editor Geoffery Crescent

Cover – Carl Pearce


Andrew Scaife, Bolt-01, Blas Bigatti, Bob Molesworth, Carl Pearce, Chris Mole, Chris Redfern, Daniel Bell, David Broughton, Gavin Johnston, Geoffery Crescent, Georce Coleman, Gibson Quarter, Greg Meldrum, J S Adams, Jim Lavery, Jim Woodall, JT Pegg, Mark Herstal, Mark Keenan, Matt Herbert, Mike Scrace, Owen Watts, Nathan Webb, Nich Angel, Roland Bird, Sean Avery & Simon Bird

Available soon

This is the third Journal from Owen and Geoffery and I’ve reviewed all three. A very good editing team.

Some names in the line-up of creators are very familiar to me, a few not so familiar. That’s always good. Small Press is a living breathing thing where old names are reassuring and new names are refreshing. But wait, that’s the same in any anthology. Continue reading