Gateway issue 3 – Halpen, Halpen & Moyano – spoilers

 Gateway Issue 3
Published by IDW
5th March 2014

Writer: Joe Halpin Snr
Art: Juanfrancisco Moyano
Assistant Inker: D F Marin
Colours: Jow Halpin Jnr
Assistant Colours: Joaquin Pereyra
Letters: Tom B Long

Created by Joe Halpin Snr & Joe Halpin Jnr

Jake Ryan was a cop, was. On an undercover drug bust things went wrong, he was shot and died. Waking in a new world, with the drug dealer’s dog for company,  he found himself in Hopetown where he was put through an induction process. Hopetown had rules, expectations. 

They call new arrivals Newborns, despite being dead the citizens of Hopetown seem normal. There are others though, Dark-Souls, something not quite right. Jake was attacked by one after waking in Hopetown.

Unwilling to settle for what he has found Jake leaves Hopetown, accompanied by the dog.

In this issue Jake reaches Freedom Town but he hasn’t arrived unnoticed. Lookouts from Freedom Town have seen him coming. The fact someone willingly left Hopetown is reported to Jericho, apparently the leader of Freedom Town. Jericho takes an interest.

This town appears to be freer than Hopetown but appearances might not be all they seem. It has every appearance of a town with only one law – and that is whatever the man in charge wants it to be. Certainly the men shadowing Jake didn’t expect mercy if they lost track of him.

The plot is very interesting, I have a feeling nothing is really what it seems. Jake’s character is rounding out nicely. Hopetown seemed very suspicious… maybe Freedom Town is a little more predictable.

The art is slightly variable in one panel the dog doesn’t look quite right. However I do like the texture in the rain and the lighting and colours are good. The panels are varied, always a good thing. The lettering is particularly good and the artist left plenty of space for it. So over all this is a very easy read.

I’m enjoying the story, I didn’t review issue 2 but I’ll ensure I don’t miss writing about the next issue.

Gateway3 P1



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