Rogue Trooper issue 1 from IDW – spoiler light including 7 page preview

Rogue Trooper
Issue 1

Published by IDW
5th March 2014

Writer: Brian Ruckley
Artist: Alberto Ponticelli
Colour: Stephen Downer
Letters: Tom B Long

Top Left:
Glenn Fabry & Ryan Brown
Top Right:
James Stokoe
Bottom Left:
Colin Wilson
Bottom Right:
Alberto Ponticelli & Stephen Downer

This is IDW’s new ongoing monthly title, not reprints from 2000AD.

Rogue Trooper was created by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons. A GI, Genetically-Engineered Infantryman Rogue was one of a number of clones speed grown and programmed to be lethal fighters. They were designed to be immune to the toxins used in war. When a GI died his training and experiences were recorded on a Bio-Chip which could be stored in a power slot in the Helmet, Gun or Backpack. Once returned to HQ a Bio-Chip could be implanted in a newly grown body thus preserving the training and combat knowledge of the once dead GI.

As they have with Judge Dredd IDW will be running their own continuity. There will be some similarities to the 2000AD characters and stories but IDW are likely to take their own path. So this can be viewed as an alternate reality to the Rogue of 2000AD.

There are spoilers below including a 7 page preview of this issue.

This is an action packed introduction to Rogue Trooper where we learn that the basic back story is similar to the original.

the look of the character is slightly differfent, the design of his gear is the largest variation, until he removes his helmet. This isn’t a Dredd thing. Rogue was often seen without his helmet, for one thing his helmet is of course a character in itself, Helm. Readers familiar with Rogue will see what I mean as soon as he rests up.

This feels very much like a Rogue Trooper story, Rogue is doing exactly what we’d expect. He helps out a lone Souther and he kills any Nort he finds.

The Norts look more or less the same as in the original but the Souther uniform is rather different, though despite the first few panels not showing it clearly the clear face-plate is retained. In general the two sides in the original story were shown as good vs bad, Souther vs Nort. The Southers were Anglo/American in looks and the Norts were Slavic/Germanic in accent and name. In this version the dialect of Souther and Nort seem the same so far, time will tell.

The art is energetic and Rogue looks slightly less Human than he did with Dave Gibbons or Cam Kennedy on art duties. Actually, perhaps he looks more Human in some ways.

The story doesn’t shy away from the violence of war. You can see in the pages below that the art is quite graphic. War isn’t pleasant.

I’ve read the full issue and it gives some interesting differences to the original but retains the general feel of the character. I’m happy to say that I am looking forward to issue 2 and seeing how this progresses.

Rogue1 P1Rogue1 P2Rogue1 P3Rogue1 P4Rogue1 P5Rogue1 P6Rogue1 P7


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