Death Sentence – Issue 6 – by Montynero & Mike Dowling (spoilers)

DeathSentence_06_Cover_web.jpg.maxheight-250Death Sentence
A creator owned project

Published by Titan Comics
5th March 2014

Writer: Montynero
Art: Mike Dowling
Letters: Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt

Cover: Montynero

Well if you thought this story was about death you need to read this issue now! You should find Death Sentence in your local Comic store (or LCS to some of us). If not there are plenty of internet retailers.

I’ve been following the build up to this series for ages and when issue 1 came out, on my birthday no less, I wasn’t disappointed. Each issue has been brilliant and the final issue blasts the series away. It’ll be hard to beat as my favourite mini-series in 2014.

Our heroes and villain go head to head in the thrilling climax (can I say climax in a review of a comic about an STD???) in this final issue. Verity and Weasel face the most powerful of the G+ ‘victims’, Daved Montgomery.

It has been a powerful journey, full of emotion and people reflecting on their own death. There has of course been humor along the way and action.

The characters voices are distinct and their drives, their needs, are understandable. We see the vulnerable side of both Verity and Weasel and we see their strengths too.

All along it has felt just a little bit more like Verity’s tale to me. Possibly due to the connection I felt in the first page of issue one when she heard that she was dying. This issue really doesn’t make me think differently. With Verity being the most normal seeming people from the main cast I think this was inevitable.

Weasel has grown in his final days of life but how much? I can’t say too much as despite marking the title with ‘spoilers’ I don’t want to ruin the story.

David really has sunk so far that it seems impossible to expect he will pull back from the brink of destruction. Interestingly some of those around David seem to be acting fairly freely, apparently accepting his will. Ansd some people indeed might.

I can imagine some finding the story shocking due to the honesty of the material. The characters do behave consistent given the setting and the whole thing has a feel of truth to it. There are scenes of a sexual nature and quite casual violence. But this is an industry where quite obviously lethal things such as retractable metal blades rarely seem to have a consequence.

Here there are consequences and action or inaction can bring sorrow.

Mike Dowling doesn’t let up on the quality of artwork. There are some outstanding panels. I particularly like the emotions Weasel shows, his concern for Verity when she is injured and his whole ‘I can’t be arsed’ attitude. The news copter splash (pardon the pun – you’ll get it when you read it)~ is also excellent. The final show down over eight pages is breathtaking.

A really great read and I highly recommend you get the Graphic Novel, out in June 2014, if you missed this series.


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