Dogbreath 28 – spoiler light (preview pages)

DB28Dogbreath 28

Published by Futurequake Press
1st March 2014

Edited by Richmond Clements & Dave Evans

Cover by Kev Level

Dogbreath was founded by Amanda Kear

Strontium Dog created by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra

Dogbreath is the longest running 2000AD Fanzine and is dedicated to Strontium Dog, Johnny Alpha, and his world. I think it very well may be the longest running Fanzine for any comic in the UK. Interested to know if I’m wrong.

I have two articles in this issue and it is often considered bad form to review a magazine one is published in. However most creators self publicise so I’ll ignore the convention, after all I am only an interviewer in this issue. My posts on here used to show under the name ‘Chiropterarex’ but as you can see my real name is on the byline and has been for several months now.

A few preview pages are at the foot of this review.

Durham Red – The Great Train Screw up
Script: Luke Foster
Art: David Broughton
Letters: Bolt-01

A six page story featuring the female bounty hunter Durham Red, her mutation gives her the appearance and appetite of a mythical Vampire, without the weakness to daylight.

This story is, as the title suggests, set on a train. The survivors of a gang brought , lethally, to justice want revenge on Durham Red. As the title suggests it might not go smoothly.

The art is very consistent, David Broughton never loses the detail in the features of his characters and gives variety of pose and angle of perspective.

Case File 31 – Stone Killers
by Leigh Shepherd

Leigh gives a one page synopsis of this classic story from 2000AD Progs 550 to 572 with comments on the continuity, characters and technology found in the story as well as a review.

Strontium Dog – Stuck In The Middle With You, 9 pages by
Script: Rich McAuliffe & Mark Chilcott
Art: Jake Rowlinson

Rich runs the popular 2000AD blog ECBT2000AD and tends not to review publications he is published in. He’s done some great stuff and this is a good example. The script uses many of Johnny’s signature moves but with interesting twists.

The art uses splashes and breaks the gutter rule on panels, and the lettering follows suit. This works well here but can look very confusing if the storytelling isn’t clear. Sometimes walls and backgrounds are where the artist fails when ignoring gutters, Jake doesn’t fall in to that trap. Nice job.

Interview with John Wagner
by Steve Hargett

John Wagner is writer and creator of Strontium Dog, as well as Judge Dredd and a number of other top UK comic characters.

This interview was done late last year so doesn’t deal with the latest Strontium Dog story in 2000AD. As ever an interview only as good as the answers from the interviewee.

Strontium Dog – The Healers Hotel
Script: Shaun Avery
Art: Tom Crielly
Letters: Bolt-01

Johnny has been called to a healing retreat by an old friend who is now a healer, Brother March. However Johnny has no idea why.

Great script with a who dunnit feel even though no one dun nuthin yet. Nicely paced and interesting.

My only criticism of the art is that a few panels didn’t leave much room for lettering, Bolt-01 handles that well. Overall though the art is very good and the character design is well presented.

Strontium Dog’s – Wirehead Rex – The Day The Diddly Died
Script: Dirk Van Dom
Art: Dan Cornwell
Letters: Bolt-01

The expanded world of Strontium Dog includes stories about other mutant bounty hunters. This is one such tale. Rex used to be in a band with his brother PJ and two friends. That was twenty years ago and this is now.

Great art with wonderful story telling. In this we see definite and in some cases bold guttering but the artist breaks those gutters for some action and to increase perspective. The script also gives us two panels with ongoing conversation between the two  single characters in them both artist and letterer handle this admirably.

Interview with Carlos Ezquerra
by Steve Hargett

Carlos Ezquerra is artist and co-creator of Strontium Dog and Judge Dredd. His style is instantly recognisable and his characters very distinctive.

As with the earlier interview I deal mostly with Strontium Dog.

Strontium Dog’s – Twilight of the dogs
Written by Matt Sharp
Illustrated by Jim Campbell

A text story about a female bounty hunter, Twilight, and her partner, Boris the Spider. There is plenty of description which gives a dusty and claustrophobic feel to the story.

The illustrations are from the Letterer Jim Campbell who has lettered several of the comics I’ve reviewed. Nice to see him drawing something. Just wondering why he didn’t draw Boris.

Strontium Dog – Search & Destroy,
Script: David Stoddart
Art: Graham Stoddart
Letters: Bolt-01

Johnny and his norm business partner Wulf go up against a slaver. Wulf is a Viking transported out of his time by Johnny, as Wulf died a few years ago this story is clearly set well before Johnny died (and got better).

The script is great as is the art. One thing that really struck me though is that the villain looks like a fat Tharg… I sniggered throughout the story due to that thought.


An excellent set of stories from the writers and artists. This is better than some professional work I’ve read. And now the preview pages.

DB28 p1DB28 p2DB28 p3DB28 p4DB28 p5DB28 p6 


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