Zarjaz 20 – spoiler light (preview pages)

Zarjaz 20

Published by Futurequake Press
1st March 2014

Edited by Richmond Clements & Dave Evans

Cover by Mick Cassidy

Characters in this issue have various creators and, along with 2000AD, are copyright of Rebellion Publishing.

Zarjaz is a fanzine dedicated to 2000AD and has featured many of the characters over the years. For the first time MACH1 has come to Zarjaz.

A word about the cover, I don’t know what went wrong with the plans but I am aware that this cover was produced a short notice by Mick Cassidy to plug the gap. It really doesn’t look that way, a brilliant cover but Mick is pretty talented.

A few preview pages are at the foot of this review.

BAD Company – From Mud To Murder
Script: Shaun Avery
Art: David Broughton
Letters: Bolt-01

Ararat, where the Humans and the Krool faced off. We join a loan soldier whose story started at Ararat and ended with murder.

A great story that displays a good knowledge of the source material to give a quite believable addition to the mythos of BAD Company. A brilliant ending that wasn’t expected

The art is excellent and really suits the story. Plenty of characterisation and varied poses and angles, the twist in the tale is an excellent picture.

Judge Dredd – Dead Soldiers
Script: Karl Stock
Art: Tom Bonin
Letters: Bolt-01

Post Chaos Day two scavengers unlock a bunker sealed under Mega-City 1 even before the war between the Judges and President Booth. Under Joseph McCarthy block no less.

Very nicely paced story with two pages of set up and a page of flashback before Dredd gets in to action. This delves in to the past of Dredd continuity and shows just how nuke-scared the world was in the mid 20th Century.

I’m going to be picky and point out that the panel frames aren’t all fully squared off, However the contents of the panel are the objects that attract the eye. Good use of space and some great details, such as the sand bags.

DownlodeTales – Sewer Side
Script: Tom Proudfoot
Art: George Coleman
Letters: Bolt-01

Set in the world of Sinister and Dexter, Download Tales deals with other characters in the city of the Gun Sharks. You would you believe what is in the sewers of Downlode; well ok you might.

A fun tale with plenty of action and really excellent art work with great action and really good use of angles and perspective. The characters are all pretty much perfectly formed.

A.B.C. Warriors – Mongrol Handfuls of Smush
Script: Mark Hobby
Art: James Newell

Set before Mongrol was recruited by Hammerstein. Volgs are building a supply road and Lara’s home is on the route.

Mongrol smush, most of the plot and why the heck not. Mongrol looks great as do the Volgans band Lara looks like a Belardinelli character, which is very nice.

Tales of Mega-City 1 – Meg-Way Blues
Script: Umar Ditta
Art: Nathan Webb
Letters: Bolt-01

A heist goes wrong, a Judge in pursuit and one of the perps ousted from the getaway car. Narcotics make a show and there is a very clear nod to the 2012 movie.

The pages of art are very varied and as I am looking at a digital page I’m not certain how it works in print. I don’t think it will jar, it doesn’t on the screen. But the experience of reading a screen or a paper product is quite different.

M.A.C.H. 1 – Mach Of Lies
Script: Mark Howard
Art: Matt Herbert
Letters: Bolt-01

John Probe , a Man Activated by Compu-puncture Hyperpower.

This is a Rambo-esque outing for Probe. The story makes use of the computer in Probe’s head giving him information, a key element from the original.

Quite a lot of breakout from the panels in the action and varied use of lighting for inside and outside. Nice and clear where the scenes are taking place.


A well balanced anthology and faithful to the originals.

And the promised preview pages:

Z20 p1Z20 p2Z20 p3Z20 p4Z20 p5Z20 p6


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