2000AD Prog 1874 – Jump on point – Preview pages (medium spoilers)

2000 AD Prog 1874
Published by Rebellion
26th March 2014
32 pages

Available in print from your Local Comic Store:

Also available day-and-date digital version
Through the 2000AD Webshop or
Via the 2000AD iPad App

Cover by Edmund Bagwell

A Jump On Point!

From time to time 2000AD start with a full set of new stories. This is one of those times. Five first parts start in this issue, including two brand new series.

Judge Dredd: Mega City Confidential part 1

Script:John Wagner
Art: Colin MacNeil
Colours: Chris Blythe
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Erika, an auxiliary working in the Justice Depaertment, Section 7. Something is worrying her, that is worrying her superiors. Then she is on the run. Traitor, spy, Democracy supporter, time will tell.

Flashbacks and present in different palettes and some bold sillhouttes this is great art from Colin MacNeil and Chris Blythe’s colours bring it that familiar feel.

Sláine: The Brutania Killings
Book One: A Simple Killing part 1

1874 Slaine

Script: Pat Mills
Art: Simon Davis
Letters: Ellie DeVille

Sláine is in the far North of the isle at the Temple of The Goddess. Someone is looting the Temple as Sláine and his friend Gort arrive. The two followers of Danu take a dim view of this.

Clint Langley has moved over and Simon Davis has taken over. Sláine does look a little different and yet comfortably familiar.

Outlier part 1

Script: T C Eglington
Art: Karl Richardson
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

The planet Graegan in Alliance Territory. Carcer was a police officer but is now freelance. A native Gazian has been murdered.

A slow paced intro with plenty of dialogue to introduce us to a new setting and a new protagonist.

Nice art and an intriguing start which shows some promise.

Sinister Dexter: The Generican Dream
Gun Shy part 1

Script: Dan Abnett
Art: Smudge
Letters: Ellie DeVille

Still on Generica, a colony planet far from Earth, Ray and Finegan (two hitmen) are on the run with their female companions Tracy (a retired Cop) and Piper (Finny’s Witness Location Officer).

In black and white most of the cast look right but Finny… I preferred it when he looked like Ed Byrne.

I love this series and don’t expect to change my mind on this outing.

Jaiger: Strigoi part 1

Script: Gordon Rennie
Art: Simon Coleby
Colours: Len O’Grady
Letters: Simon Bowland

Kapiten-Inspector Atalia Jaegir, a member of the Nordland State Security Police, investigates war criminals during the war with the Southers. Her Father was a senior officer and she too was a soldier. This is set in Rogue Trooper’s continuity, I’m not sure quite when however.

Great art.


A very enjoyable Prog and nothing feels out of place. Importantly lapsed readers or brand new readers will all follow what is going on. Fresh start with all the strips.


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