Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd – new video, more sound clips.

Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd
a Judge Dredd themed Convention

Bank Holiday Monday 5th May 2014

Eddies Rock Club,
Gough Street,
B1 1HN

More information regarding the convention in the form of a video that runs for just over a minute.

The voice over (VO) was recorded for us by Jared Butler who provided the voice of Dredd in Judge Minty and a whole slew of additional voices by himself and a team of others he put together. I asked Jared if he could do a few tracks for Lawgiver and he readily agreed.

When he gave me the first batch of recordings he offered to do extra work on them and to get a female friend to do some lines for us. I used some of Jared’s originals in the first video and some of the improved versions in this video.

There are quite a lot of more sound clips that I haven’t used here. Some will be kept over for the event itself. actually almost all of them will be used on the day but some won’t be public till after the event.

The beauty of the radio calls to each Judge is that when these guys are at other conventions they can take them along with them. The Judges can use them on hand-held devices for the added entertainment of others. I asked Jared to make a set for Integra, Planet Replica’s Judge Anderson, although she won’t be at Lawgiver the amount of publicity she has done for Judge Dredd she deserved a little gift.

Planet Replicas grew from Judge Minty and if you’ve read my Interview with Daniel Carey-George you’ll know that DNA met with him to discuss the uniforms he had designed. They chose another route and we will have some Dredd 2012 Judges at the event. Judge Labelle is certainly attending, a Brit Cit Judge from the Dredd 2012 setting.

This event will be celebrating all things Dredd and as well as the two films which we will be watching there is a demonstration of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Rules from Mongoose Publishing. There will be Panels where we will hear from creators from 2000 AD and Judge Minty.

There is a Traders Area where a there will be purveyors of fine comic wares and artists sketching Dredd and other characters. One of those artists is Barry Renshaw who drew the Storyboards for Judge Minty.

This is shaping up to be a great day for like-minded people to have fun on a Bank Holiday Monday. Come join us and avoid Ikea.

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