Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two issue 4 – by Wolk & Farinas – 7 page Preview included

JDMC2 4 coverJudge Dredd: Mega-City Two
Issue 4 (of 5)
Published by IDW

Writer: Douglas Wolk
Artist: Ulises Farinas
Colours: Ryan Hill
Letters: Tom B. Long

Cover Art: Ulises Farinas

Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Esquerra

The penultimate issue following Dredd on his secondment to Mega-City Two.

It is 2094 and Dredd is not the old man we are used to. In fact this is before we first met him in 2000AD.

That said it is recognisably Dredd. This is of course IDW’s continuity. There are seven pages of preview at the end of the article.

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The First Musketeer – Score unvailed

The title track from the forthcoming web-series The First Musketeer has been unveiled. Composed by Paul Cartledge and Philip Jewson from yellow Boat Music it has an epic feel to it.

The film is a prequel to the books with several new characters added to the line up. I understand that the series will be six episodes long.

Starring Edward Mitchell as Athos, Charles Barrett as Porthos and Ryan Spong as Aramis.

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There Are Others Out There – Part Two – by Neil McClements and Steve Hargett

church5_zps1006f61aSébastien felt it behind him as it closed in for the kill.

He leapt upwards, higher than a human should be able to. The Ancients of this land called it a Salmon Leap, Sébastien received his powers from elsewhere and had no need to name the move.

The creature’s swipe cut the air beneath his feet. Sébastien came down hard on what passed as a wrist for the foul beast. There was a cracking sound but the limb didn’t give way. Continue reading

The Royals: Masters of War by Rob Williams – issue 3 (spoilers)

Royals 3The Royals: Masters of War
a six issue mini-series

Published by Vertigo April 2014

Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: Simon Coleby
Colorist: JD Mettler
Letters: Wes Abbott

Cover: Coleby & Mettler

Continuing the WWII story set in an alternate timeline. The Royals have ruled their countries due to their bloodlines having superhuman powers. Long ago they agreed to keep out of conflicts between nations.

The Royals are no longer keeping out of the war. First Prince Henry took to the skies. Then He and his elder brother Prince Arthur visited USA in an attempt to garner assistance in fighting Germany

Last issue saw Prince Akishino of Japan invite the US Navy to meet the Japanese Fleet in open water. With no Royals of their own the result was obvious so they stayed in port at Pearl Harbour…

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What I Did On My Holidays – by a short story by Michael Carroll – a review

What I Did on My Holidays
by Jason Scott, Class 8

A New Heroes (Quantum Prophecy)
short story
by Michael Carroll

Illustration by Michael Carroll

The latest Novel ‘Hunter’
Available to Pre-order on Amazon
out 1st May

Michael is one of the current Writers for Judge Dredd in 2000AD and if you look to the top of this Blog the Judge Badge you see there was made by Mike for me to use on this Blog. Mike has also written six earlier books in the New Heroes series as well as a Judge Dredd novella that I have reviewed on this blog – Cold Light of Day.

Hunter is a jump on point for this series and you don’t need to know anything about the setting to enjoy this short story, you can read it on Mike’s website and I encourage you to have a look round while you are there. Continue reading

Rogue Trooper issue 3 from IDW – spoiler light including 7 page preview

RogueTrooper03_cvrSUBRogueTrooper03_cvrRogue Trooper
Issue 3

Published by IDW
2nd April 2014

Writer: Brian Ruckley
Artist: Alberto Ponticelli
Colour: Stephen Downer
Letters: Tom B Long

Left – Glenn Fabry
Right – James Stokoe

Issue Two saw Rogue reach Strongpoint Charlie delivering Breaker/Virgin safely to his unit. It was hear that the GI and his Bio-Chip buddies discovered Rogue’s nickname. All Issue 1 the Bio-Chips didn’t mention a name and their ally ‘Angel’ called him ‘Blue’.

Norts were closing in on Strongpoint Charlie and Souther Command had sent a group of MPs to capture Rogue.

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ABC Warriors Mek Files 1 – out 8th May

CoverWritten by: Pat Mills

Art by:
Kevin O’Neill, Mick McMahon, Brendan McCarthy, Dave Gibbons, Carlos Ezquerra, Simon Bisley, Brett Ewins, SMS

Lettering by:
Peter Knight, John Aldrich, Tom Knight, Dave Gibbons, Steve Potter, Jack Potter, Steve Parkhouse

304 pages
ISBN 978-1-78108-258-4
Release date: May 8
RRP: £25

ABC Warriors created by Pat Mills, Kevin O’Neill, Mick McMahon and Brendan McCarthy

It was 1979 when ABC Warriors started and re-reading this it brings conflicting recollections. This isn’t the first re-read, I’ve re-read the Progs that these stories were originally printed in several times. This is the first time I’ve read these stories this century though.

So conflicted recollections? 1979 was during my childhood but I recollect these stories from my teens as well.

I’m reviewing this from a PDF so I can’t comment directly on what the pages look like. However what i can tell you is that this isn’t resized or recoloured. It is presented in the original size. Unedited, so the original titles are there, the ‘next prog’ boxes are there. So also no lettering appears to have been moved, no touch ups.

Frankly on-screen it looks great so it is down to the paper stock. I think this’ll look great.

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