Pretty Deadly – issue 5 – Spoilers

pretty-deadly-05Pretty Deadly issue 5
Published by Image
April 2nd 2014

Writer: Kelly Sue Deconnick
Art: Emma Rios
Colours: Jordie Bellaire
Letters: Clayton Cowles

Cover: Emma Rios

We reach the end of the journey with Foxy, Sissy, Ginny and Johnny.

The Mason’s wife was so beautiful he locked her away so others couldn’t see her. She was so lonely she prayed for death. Death heard her prayers but instead of sending a Reaper he went for her himself. Death found her so beautiful he took her as his own and they had a daughter. That daughter was named Ginny.

Death offered the Mason a deal. Kill the beast born out of the Blood River and he would free the Mason’s Bride. The Mason couldn’t slay the beast, a baby girl with mismatching eyes.

Spoilers below, light as possible.

Bones Bunny continues the tale for Butterfly. Bless him, Butterfly doesn’t get any friends to play with this episode and he gets so fearful for the fate of Molly Raven. when Alice attacks our heroes again.

Death’s plans to end dying have to be stopped but Sissy doesn’t understand why. Foxy explains that without death there is no beauty to life and removing death doesn’t remove any of the suffering that the living go through.

The Shieldmaidens refuse entry to Ginny but cannot refuse Death’s successor, the Ascendant. Sarah can’t enter the land of the dead.

As the action intensifies the Coyote falls and Molly Raven chooses to stay with him. A bitter sweet family reunion follows.

A fine ending to a fine story. We’ve learnt the way of life and death in the setting and we see how each part has its place. Everything fits well together and bitter sweet it may be but final it isn’t. Brilliant story telling from Bones Bunny via the pen of Kelly Sue Deconnick.  A rich cast of characters flawed and innocent alike.

Emma Rios and Jordie Bellaire breath life into the characters, even Bones Bunny.The action scenes have a raw energy and the emotional scenes a raw nerve at times. Sissy’s pain for the fallen Coyote is palpable and Molly Raven’s reaction is endearing.

This isn’t a story about death despite the fact he is the antagonist, his successor and his daughter are among the protagonists. It is about life, as told be a dead rabbit.

If you missed this series the trade paperback is in Comicbook Stores April 30th and Book Stores May 13th priced $9.99 entitled PRETTY DEADLY VOLUME ONE: THE SHRIKE and the second volume of Pretty Deadly will begin later this year.

Kelly Sue and Emma have a website for Pretty Deadly, why not pop over and take a look.


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