Lawgiver – a spotlight on our Judges


Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd
Bank Holiday Monday 5th May 2014
Birmingham UK
Tickets on sale now

I already released a video of some of our Judges that will be our Official Contingent at Lawgiver but here is a new version with our six Judges.

The voice over is from Jared Butler who provided VO talents for the Judge Minty fan film that will be screened at Lawgiver. We will also be screening Dredd (2012).

In the order you saw them there are four Planet Replicas uniforms, one home made Comic uniform and one home made Dredd (2012) inspired Brit Cit uniform.

Judge Minty costumesAmong other attractions at Lawgiver is the opportunity to try on a Planet Replica style Judge uniform jacket and helmet provided by the Judge Minty Team. Three sizes of jacket and three sizes of helmet will be available.

You’ll be able to take your own photos of yourself, family or friends in the gear.

Of course you will also be able to get photos of our fine Judges while you are at it.



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