There Are Others Out There – Part Two – by Neil McClements and Steve Hargett

church5_zps1006f61aSébastien felt it behind him as it closed in for the kill.

He leapt upwards, higher than a human should be able to. The Ancients of this land called it a Salmon Leap, Sébastien received his powers from elsewhere and had no need to name the move.

The creature’s swipe cut the air beneath his feet. Sébastien came down hard on what passed as a wrist for the foul beast. There was a cracking sound but the limb didn’t give way.

The beast struck with its other arm as its head and shoulders passed through the archway. Sébastien had already leapt aside and was now on foot, running towards the Abbot’s Hall.

It was an ancient power that pursued him – yet new, confliction in the readings Sébastien was getting from the creature had perhaps hidden it from him. The halls were still sanctified so the beast wasn’t evil.

Evil or good wasn’t a concern to Sébastien, had it been evil he wouldn’t have required the sword that the Templar had been bringing to him. He was powerless to destroy the creature all he could do was avoid being killed in turn.

One of the smaller beasts moved to intercept him as he ran along the footpath to the large building that the Abbot used for his accommodation. The small creature resembled a squirrel with the face of a human. A quick flick of the wrist and his dagger sliced through the eyes of the beast and it squealed in pain falling to the side of the path.

The tree-like beast was close on his heals as Sébastien closed on the fortified building. If he could bar the creature’s entrance he could perhaps wait out the two days left from which the beast drew its power.

Then he felt a dark surge of evil coming close. Looking to the tree-line he saw the dark figure of a knight break through, the unnatural beasts of the forest fled from the spectre.

“To me!” Sébastien ordered and the dark spectre moved at inhuman speed to his side. One of the braver squirrelmen of the forest attempted to block its way but the spectre passed straight through it and the creature fled in fear.

A sword appeared in the hands of the spectre, Sébastien snatched the sword away from the spectre and the blade glowed red as his power filled it.

He spun round on the steps to the Abbott’s Hall and he landed a flurry of blows upon the large nature spirit as it finally closed on him.

The spectre screamed with delight as the nature spirit’s life-force was sucked in to the blade. Sébastien’s eyes flashed red in the night as he sacrificed the ancient life-force to the demon that granted him his powers.

He turned to the spectre, something that until today had been a Knight of the Templar order.

“You are late!” he said as he looked down at the husk left behind by the nature spirit.

Continued in Part 3


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