Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two issue 4 – by Wolk & Farinas – 7 page Preview included

JDMC2 4 coverJudge Dredd: Mega-City Two
Issue 4 (of 5)
Published by IDW

Writer: Douglas Wolk
Artist: Ulises Farinas
Colours: Ryan Hill
Letters: Tom B. Long

Cover Art: Ulises Farinas

Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Esquerra

The penultimate issue following Dredd on his secondment to Mega-City Two.

It is 2094 and Dredd is not the old man we are used to. In fact this is before we first met him in 2000AD.

That said it is recognisably Dredd. This is of course IDW’s continuity. There are seven pages of preview at the end of the article.

The story moves on a pace taking us into the underbelly of Mega City Two. We meet the crime bosses, Hollywood style.

Dredd gets guides, Foley Fox and Barry Badger, to help him out and it all goes a bit Disney. This bit is possibly the best bit of Dredd ever penned and inked by any writer artist combo from IDW. Putting it alongside Year One by Matt Smith and Mars Attacks by Al Ewing and John McCrea.

This for me tops the test of this mini-series with the cartoon characters editing the captions. Brilliant stuff.

I hope the US audience are lapping this up. Never mind the current storyline in the ongoing IDW Dredd title, this is their first fully home grown classic.

The editors deserve a mention here for putting this creative combo together. This is what IDW Dredd can be. Get Wolk on the ongoing series & get him artists to matvh what he writes. Let’s see a gritty action story from him next maybe.

JDMC2 4 p1JDMC2 4 p2JDMC2 4 p3JDMC2 4 p4JDMC2 4 p5JDMC2 4 p6JDMC2 4 p7


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