MPH number one by Millar, Fegredo and Doherty – spoilers

Published by Image

Mark Millar

Duncan Fegredo

Colours & Letters:
Peter Doherty

Created by Mark Millar & Duncan Fegredo

This is part of Mark Millar’s expanding superhero setting.

Mark Millar may be familiar to you for such things as Kick-Ass, Justice League or Fantastic Four. I remember him from his work in 2000AD, on Judge Dredd or Robo Hunter, all sorts of things.

Duncan Fegredo you might know from things like Hellboy or Books of Magic. I remember him from New Statesman in 2000AD’s sister comic Crisis.

Peter Doherty you might have seen in Batman & Superman: Worlds Finest. I remember him from Judge Dredd, Judge Death, Rat Fink and other such 2000AD goodies. I also had the pleasure of running a panel at Lawgiver with Peter as one of the panelists.

So with all that remembering I guess I had to buy this comic. There are a few spoilers below. Continue reading


Photography – Freya outside Royal Armouries

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI started a new venture on Bank Holiday Monday 26th May 2014. I’m used to photographing moving horses at Jousts or Stunt Shows and weapon demonstrations at Royal Armouries. There are quite a few of these on my articles about such subjects.

I’m also quite comfortable taking landscape shots, I’ve had some pleasing results.

Obviously I’ve taken photographs of friends and family but this is different.

The model is Freya. She is a part time model, you can see more of her and friend Laura on their tumblr page. Continue reading

Daemonium: Una Noche en La Ciudad – e-comic

Daemonium comicBy Jotar
based on an original idea by Simon Ratziel & Dany Casco

I’ve written a few times about the Daemonium webseries. You can find reviews of the webseries elsewhere on this blog with embeded full copies of the video.

Daemonium is a post apocalyptic story, there are mutated demonic creatures and mages. A corporation named Teo-Tech has what appears to be more or less absolute power in Teo-City.
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Rogue Trooper issue 4 from IDW – spoiler light including 5 page preview


Rogue Trooper
Issue 4

Published by IDW
21st May 2014

Writer: Brian Ruckley
Artist: Alberto Ponticelli
Colour: Stephen Downer
Letters: Tom B Long

Left – Glenn Fabry
Right – James Stokoe

Well here it is. Possibly the last issue of IDW’s vision of Rogue Trooper.

It’s a tad unfair, this book has promise.I understand there will be a trade paperback published collecting these four issues. Four issue story arcs are fairly common with IDW  so such a thing isn’t unlikely. So if the trade sells well? Maybe they’ll resurrect the series. It is possible, more likely than the Dredd movie sequel starring Karl Urban that I’m waiting for.

It’s a good read. So if you missed this please do buy the trade when it comes out.

There are a few spoilers below, including 5 pages in preview. IDW usually do 7 page previews but the pace changes quite a bit on page 6 which is probably why a shorter page count this time. Continue reading

Hunter: A Superhero Clash by Michael Carroll

1P_HUNTER_JKT.inddHunter by Michael Carroll
Published in USA by Philomel, part of the Penguin group 1st May 2014
Hardback – 368 Pages

Available in bookstores in North America
or Worldwide  through Amazon

Cover by Shawn Martinbrough

If you look you’ll find a lot of mentions of Michael Carroll on this blog. He is one of the current writers of Judge Dredd for 2000AD, even if you’ve never read this blog before you should be able to tell that I am a fan of Judge Dredd. Michael also does 3d modelling for fun and when I set up this blog I used a Judge Badge I made using his Badger! software as my header; the one now used in my header was made for me by Michael last year.

So, yes, there is a little bias here. But then, I only review what I like, this isn’t and it never will be somewhere to read a book, comic, film or any other piece of art denuded. So if you see me review something it is already an endorsement. (not always the case with one of my ‘Opinion’ or ‘News’ articles).

This is the fourth book in the Superhuman series, 7th in total in the Quantum Prophecy series, the first trilogy is the New Heroes series. Continue reading

The First Musketeer Trailer is live

First MusketeerBack in February I wrote about The First Musketeer, a webseries dealing with the time before the novels. Athos, Porthos and Aramis are not yet the three close friends we know and love. Before they can be joined by D’Artagnan they must meet and bond their friendship.

Filmed on location in France and staring Edward Mitchell, Charles Barrett and Ryan Spong as the three heroes. The story follows Athos on his first arrival in Paris.

You can read my earlier article elsewhere on this blog and a follow up article I wrote regarding the unveiling of the score.

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