Can you help 2000AD find missing Dredd stories?

2000AD’s publisher, Rebellion,  have put out a call for help from the public in locating some missing stories.

The stories were all published in the Daily Star between 21st August 1981 and 2nd February 1985.

DreddstarThe missing strips are:

21st August 1981: Devil’s Island

17th September 1983: Baffin Island

10th December 1983: Manta Tank

30th June 1984: Strike Bound

7th July 1984: The Hunch

4th August 1984: Glaring

11th August 1984: Go See A Shrink

5th January 1985: Job Vacancy 1

2nd February 1985: War and Peace Part 1

2000AD would like to hear from anyone who has good quality scans or physical copies of the missing stories. If you have access to either scans or good physical copies you can contact 2000 AD by e-mailing

Low resolution scans of most of these stories do exist but the resolution is too low to enable a reprint. Judge Dredd is an iconic part of British comic book history. Anyone who can assist in finding reusable copies of these stories would be helping preserve an important part of the character’s history.

They have trawled the records at British Library and pretty much exhausted all normal lines of enquiry.

All these stories were written by Judge Dredd creator John Wagner who wrote many of the Daily Star Dredd stories with his long-term writing partner Alan Grant. All but one of these stories were drawn by Ron Smith.

While some stories published in the Daily Star were in many ways re-writes of stories already published in 2000AD many added to the depth of the world that Dredd inhabits.

If anyone reading this article does manage to locate any of these stories and put them in the hands of 2000AD I’d really like to know more, so get in touch.

Hopefully fans somewhere have these stories safely stored away.


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