IDW Judge Anderson: Psi Division – coming August 2014

idw-anderson-psi-divisionJudge Anderson: Psi Division

A mini series
Published by IDW

Writer: Matt Smith
Artist: Carl Critchlow

Coming August 2014

200AD Editor Matt Smith approached Chris Ryall, IDW Editor-in-Chief, asking if there was anything that he could write for them. Chris Ryall asked for a Judge Anderson story.

Carl Critchlow may currently be best known for illustrating the last episode of critically acclaimed Judge Dredd Story Trifecta in Prog 1812. Others will remember Carl as creator of Thrud the Barbarian.

Anderson was born in 2080, the year that Judge Dredd: Year One was set. Jump to 2104 and we have a young Psi Judge Anderson with a few years on the street.

While the story-line will have a lighter feel to it Matt Smith has said that certain threads from Judge Dredd: Year One will be picked up. You can read a review of Judge Dredd: Year One elsewhere on this blog. that story revolved around an encroaching Psi threat from another dimension that caused most of the youngsters in Mega City One to exhibit high levels of Psi Abilities.

This is IDW’s Judge Anderson, Matt Smith is on board as a Writer not with his 2000AD Editor hat on. So this gives him a free hand to write a new story without necessarily being tied to the continuity of Judge Dredd in 2000AD.  Who, other than Alan Grant knows Judge Anderson better than Matt Smith – John Wagner recently said at Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd, that so much has happened to Anderson that he hardly considers her to be one of his characters anymore. So as with Judge Dredd: Year One the story is in good hands.

Matt brought Carl Critchlow in to this project af ter being asked to suggest an artist by Chris Ryall. As I mentioned above Carl created Thrud The Barbarian for White Dwarf Magazine in 1980s. Later he provided art for several 2000AD stories such as Nemesis and Deadlock, Flesh: Legend of Sharmana and several Judge Dredd stories. In Judge Dredd Megazine, 2000AD’s sister comic, he drew Mean Machine: Son of Mean Machine. A very skillful artist who in Trifecta managed to incorporate the styles of three top 2000AD artists in one magnificent episode. Here he’ll be putting his own styled to Judge Anderson, a character I don’t think he has drawn for 2000AD.

I’m looking forward to seeing where Matt and Carl take us with this. I’ll be writing a preview of this that will be published on this blog the day before release.


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