Mars Attacks: First Born first issue – spoiler light

MA FB coverMars Attacks Issue 1
A miniseries
Published by IDW

Story by Chris Ryall & Sam Kieth
Writer: Chris Ryall
Artist: Sam Kieth
Letterer: Shawn Lee

Mars Attacks created by Len Brown

Many people in the UK think that the Tim Burton film in 1996 is where Mars Attacks started. That’s not the case as many others know, Mars Attacks started in 1962 as a collectible trading card series with 55 cards in the set sold in packets of five for 5c.

The film brought the title to the mainstream public but before that there was a failed comic series in 1988, it only lasted four issues.

IDW have since had quite some fun with Mars attacks – you can see my review of Mars Attacks Judge Dredd elsewhere on this blog.

This mini series was announced in January. Scripted by IDW Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall and illustrated by Sam Kieth from a story they worked on together. The Martians have attacked, like they do, then left. Woody and his neice Clare are survivors, they also have a baby they’ve rescued living with them…

There are 5 preview pages below.

Well I must say this is a fun read.

Woody was a bit of a slacker before the invasion by the sound of it but he was favourite Uncle to Clare. He saved her the day the Martians killed her parents; Woody’s sister and her husband. Clare was blindced in the attack but likes to care for the baby they found

Page three reveals quite a bit about the baby they are caring for… and just what is under that tarp? What is Uncle Woody working on?

These preview pages give a great look at the style of the story. More interesting than actually funny but certainly quite light hearted

The art is really quite charming, we are seeing this tale from the perspective of a little girl and the baby she loves so much.

I’m looking forward to next month’s issue already.


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