There Are Others Out There – Part Four – by Neil McClements and Steve Hargett

Others 4

Davith walked alone in the long night, darkness lifted by the full moon which spread silver light all around. Ahead of him lay the Tower of Knowledge and Wisdom, still standing despite the recent raids of Darkling warriors.

Ahead, hanging from a branch of a Cycle Tree was a growing cocoon. Another Elder had fallen in the realm of humanity. Davith weeped for the Land of The Young. Ties to the world of man were being severed more and more and the strength of the bond was growing weaker.

As he walked towards the Cycle Tree he could feel echoes from the land of man. A great evil was in the Old Forest, an evil that followed no ruler but hid in plain sight among the followers of the Nazarene.

While the new religion converted the followers from following the earlier Gods this evil destroys the creatures of old. The evil is more insalubrious. Followings of one God or another ebbed and flowed with time. The bonds between the worlds grew slowly and were being severed at a far greater rate.

The evil that was in the Old Forest was growing in power with each bond it severed. He couldn’t name it from the shadow cast through the slaying of the Elder. He looked at the cocoon on the branch, the kill was fresh and the doorway still open.

Darklings were more common in this age and the deaths of elder creatures was increasing. The two were linked. The Land of The Young was under threat, the evil not only had plans to severe the ties between the realms but to inhabit, to conquer both.

Davith pushed on towards the Towers. He needed to know more if he were to pass through into the world of men.

The path under the bridge was lit by the moon, this was the route he must take. Many paths led to the Towers of Knowledge and Wisdom; the journey to them was as much part of the imparting of their powers as arriving at the destination itself.

For some the hard climb on the East or West cliff faces would take the supplicant to the answer he required. Davith’s path here was the longest, the opposite of what one might expect when wishing to pass through a door that was already closing. To rush towards the closing door was to come through unprepared. He must first seek out the name of the great evil and only then could he pass through to the other realm to seek it out.

For what seemed to be hours Davith walked, passing under the bridge and round behind the towers. His path curved long around the mountain and up towards the Tower of Knowledge. He didn’t rush, to rush might be to stumble. He kept steady pace as he made his way upwards until he was above the bridge itself; below him further was the Cycle Tree as he reached the door to the Tower of Knowledge.



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