7th Sword issue 1 – spoilers

7thsword01_cvrA7th Sword
Issue 1 (of 7)
Published by IDW

Created and Written by
Pencils and Inks by
Colors by
Letters by
Story Edited by

Cover: Andrew Robinson

Helios Colony, sometime in the future.

A barren land, a fuel tanker being guarded by the two young owners and the mercenary they have hired. Androids seeking the fuel attack. We are in the future but the mercenary is carrying a sword. His companions are armed with flame-throwers.

An intriguing start to the issue, why the sword?

We are soon to find out. Daniel Cray was a member of the UN Peacekeeping Force sent to Helios 11 years ago during a brutal war. Apparently the UN troops were Samurai. They weren’t too popular with the colonists it seems either.

The UN Peacekeepers left. I’m not sure that Helios should really be called a Colony. That’s a minor criticism, I suppose it matters what the narrative voice is in this series. So far the action is certainly centered on Cray and I suspect that’s where it will stay – at least for the time being.

7 Swords and a Samurai. It is hard not to think there is an obvious comparison to draw. At the moment that’s not really apparent. There is no comedy side-kick in this story but there is an unarmed settlement and armed marauders in the wilderness. Yeah, I guess at least superficially there is a link.

We only appear to have the one Samurai though, so I think there is a fresh spin coming.

The art is crisp and well defined. It has a TV animation look to it, not Manga but a westernised version perhaps.



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