Daemonium: Una Noche en La Ciudad – e-comic

Daemonium comicBy Jotar
based on an original idea by Simon Ratziel & Dany Casco

I’ve written a few times about the Daemonium webseries. You can find reviews of the webseries elsewhere on this blog with embeded full copies of the video.

Daemonium is a post apocalyptic story, there are mutated demonic creatures and mages. A corporation named Teo-Tech has what appears to be more or less absolute power in Teo-City.

Last year I read a webcomic prequel to Episode 1, Bautismo. I didn’t share it at the time as it is in Spanish. It occured to me that I was making assumptions that most my readers can’t read Spanish. I shouldn’t make assumptions like that.

The videos are in Spanish with subtitles available in English. You can’t so much subtitle a comic. But if you can’t read Spanish you can still have a look at the excellent artwork.

The comic gives you a good look at the city that is seen partially in Episode 1 and in greater detail in Episode 3. It also gives a taste of the magic that is seen in more detail in Episodes 2 and 3.

You can read the comic for free online on Issuu.

Here are links to the reviews of Episode 2: La Hora Cero & Episode 3 Hanya Shibari

You can get more information about Daemonium by visiting their Facebook Page and their tumblr account.


2 comments on “Daemonium: Una Noche en La Ciudad – e-comic

  1. Muchas gracias por el aviso. Me gusta mucho Daemonium, un fanático de la CF no puede dejar de verla.

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