New comic from John Wagner, Alan Grant and Carlos Ezquerra announced

No title yet… but on may 15th Black Hearted Press announced that these three giants of British Comics would be working together again after 19 years. The title and some artwork will be unveiled at Glasgow Comic Con 2014 – with the launch tabled for Glasgow Comic Con 2015.

So we have to wait till July to know more…

That’s slightly exaggerating as Carlos has drawn scripts written by John Wagner and Alan Grant very recently. That’s scripts separately from John and Alan. All three together is different, I’m not certain what they last worked on together, I would have guessed it was longer ago to be honest. Black Hearted Press are a creator owned publisher so I guess the fact is accurate.

Given the quality of the stories they have given us over the years I think it safe to say when I know the title I’ll be putting an order in at my LCS (well when a release date is confirmed).

The announcement by Dark Hearted Press


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