Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two issue 5 – by Wolk & Farinas

JudgeDredd_MC205_cvrJudge Dredd: Mega-City Two
Issue 5 (of 5)
Published by IDW

Writer: Douglas Wolk
Artist: Ulises Farinas
Colours: Ryan Hill
Letters: Tom B. Long

Cover Art: Ulises Farinas
Cover Colours: Owen Gieni

Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Esquerra

Not the finale I expected. In a way that’s a good thing as the ending I expected was predictable, however I’m not sure what this finale delivered.

It has been an enjoyable series and I’m not saying this issue was bad, I just didn’t find it as satisfying an end as I hoped. Over all though this miniseries has delivered a reasonable Dredd story. More to the point it has given the IDW version more depth without simply throwing past characters from the main 2000AD version.

I’ve not included the preview pages this time. Not sure they really add to this article, plus one of the pages is a slight spoiler.

I can’t say too much about what from this finale let me down as that would be a huge spoiler. The main point to make here though is that the finale didn’t jar with the series, it just wasn’t what I wanted. Everything makes sense and falls in place. So job done in that respect.

The strengths of the art in this series is the detail in the backgrounds. Some good details in here. The variety of World Judges for one, much more to see than those of course.

Douglas Wolk has a very good grasp on Dredd and I’d quite like to see him write something for Judge Dredd Megazine in the standard continuity of the character.

Mostly though I’d like to see a one-shot with Foley Fox and Barry Badger from last issue. That’d be a fun comic.


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